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Carunia 7.72 pvp, non-pvp, br, u.s.a and eur servers.


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May 23, 2019
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Hi guys from OTland, I'm just here to talk about my server.
I've been configuring it for 1 year and 9 months, in the finishing phase.
I'm going to talk briefly about my project just as a form of advance indirect advertising.
My server is totally 7.72, I've been a good tibia player for over 20 years, I've always wanted to go back to playing old tibia but that was impossible because tibia was looking for new directions.
so I joined my vision as a player and investor and now I got where I got.
I'm going to report some things, but not everything because some things I'll let you know in the beta.
Tibia 7.72 Global Map
Will have:

world pvp and in pvp Br, Eua and Eur.

Runes and Fluids / NPC When purchasing runes and fluids, backpack purchases or runes without a backpack have been implemented, also for fluids. Player: Buy 1 backpack of sudden death rune. or Player: Buy 1 sudden death rune. Added "buy backpack of arrow and backpack of bolt" to npcs paladins. All runes have a 20% increase from the original price. Sorcerers and Druids can speak Wand or Rod to wand npcs to receive their first wand/rod for free.

added svargrond, Yalahar, Roshamuul, Travora, Farmine, liberty bay, and all their respective sub-islands
(note: all sprites 7.72 converted original sprites 7.72)
so my goal here is to have more RPG, Objectives, and new things.

Added Common Task, Daily Task and Factions.

you can order them all at the same time. however the daily task I configured for you to ask and the npc give the random monster to avoid abuse of power in respaws.
magic shop directly on the client.
however you need to have money in your backpack and be in pz.
spear will not fall to the ground.
created outfits from version 8.6 as if it were version Carunia 7.7 with addons to conquer like global tibia.
house system = global tibia be 7 days to get a house.
all books and boards = tibia global.
and a picture of roshamull, svargrond
Rookgaard 100% and implemented spikesword quest.
rashid, postman, djins 100% global

the rest is secret and will be announced now as a beta version.
the game will be XP hard. however the Skill of weapons will have a rebalance so as not to be impossible to conquer.
will not have vip items (pay to win)
only home cosmetics, my own outfits, premium, and sexy change.


what does that means? players will be able to buy runes for gold coins like a shop system in the client?
I must have explained it wrong, it will have normal rune shop like tibia. just direct spells on the client.
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ill play if its super high rate like 100x
xp I intend something around 1 or 2x not yet decided.
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farmine.pngdepot in folda.pngfolda vilage.pngsvrgrond.pngtravora.png
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arena.pngemperor.pngparadox.pngpits of inferno.png
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I also redid the border of the entire map. it took me 7 days to do it, but it was worth it, the map is cleaner and lighter.
Screenshot_1.pngborder 2.pngborder 3.pngborder.png
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site in finalization process; leaving only beta server for bug fixes, client auto updater, world connection system.
At first the interest is to open 1 brazil pvp server, 1 usa pvp, 1 eur pvp. and right after the 3 no-pvp servers...
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I'm focusing on making a server that pleases the players, "profit" would just be a consequence of my dedication of almost 2 years editing.

next step try to add a CaruniaWiki on my site.
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