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Copyright on BB code?

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Jun 26, 2008
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No, the OtLand administration can't do that because of various reasons, however, our forum administration has suggested you (users) to post your advertisement first post as an image made by you, because of the users that have been copying others advertisement content.

Quoting an administrator:
Sorry, but we won't enforce any rules that allows users to copyright specific sequences of our BB-code. You can copyright art though, but only if it's yours, so if you make the first whole post as an image and the image is entirely made by you (or people who grant you the right to claim copyright over it) then you can report others for copying if they are copying that image.

In case you did not get the message very well, the image you post must be entirely made by you or at least have the right to claim a copyright over it.

OtLand is against copyright infringement, so as long as you have the copyright over your material, the moderators of this forum will be able to take actions, otherwise, we can't do anything.
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