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    Here are a few very common mistakes made by web developers.

    • Most of the developers don’t think from the visitor’s point of view. You need to include the information that the visitor needs, or-else you may lose many potential visitors. Visit a few leading websites and try to do a comprehensive research to understand the methods to present matter in a user-friendly way.
    • Certain websites are often blamed for poor navigation. Navigation is one of the most important factors behind smooth visitor experience. The most important page of the site should always be a click away, and the other pages should not be beyond three clicks. A navigation bar is also important for a website.
    • The texts included in the pages should be error free, easy and readable to a common man. The colors used in between the texts and the background should be pleasing to the eye.
    • A fancy flash image is always attractive. But too much flash contents are not appreciated. Splash pages should also be avoided.
    • A proper SEO should be done for the pages. But the texts included should not be purely SEO based, but should have enough content beneficial for the users.
    • Advertisements always give you an extra income, but too much of advertisements will take away the attention of the visitors.
    • Designers should have a consistency while doing the pages.
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