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[France] [7.40] DarkOT [Beta Version] [No Pay To Win] [Guild Wars] [Online Now]

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Dec 1, 2008
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!! Remember This Is Only A Beta Version Official Date is not Released Yet !!

Welcome to DarkOT 7.4!
DarkOT is hosted in France
Website: Darkot.eu
This game is a replica of Tibia at state of 7.4 with some modifications to make the game more interesting!
For example a few of the most popular things about 7.4!

No protection zone on boats
You can't walk up on 2 parcels unless you're already standing on one
You can lure monsters
You can rope monsters
You can stair-jump hunt monsters

About DarkOT
DarkOT is a Real-Map RPG/PVP Server aimed to mimic the time of 7.4 Tibia but with some improvements.
Such as Existing Port Hope, boosted damage for knights and paladins and a bigger variety of creatures, quests and items.
The main game play is keept at 7.4 style!
And of course, 7.4 means there's no wands/rods available for mages, they're meant to start make runes at low level to exp!
Vocation Informations
All vocations regenerate 10x faster health and 20x faster mana than you did back in 7.4!
Promoted vocations have faster regeneration and also have 7% deathloss as base, while non-promoted have 10% deathlosses.

Sorcerer - 5 Hp/12 sec - 10 Mana/3 sec
Druid - 5 Hp/12 sec - 10 Mana/3 sec
Paladin - 5 Hp/8 sec - 10 Mana/4 sec
Knight - 5 Hp/6 sec - 10 Mana/6 sec
Master Sorcerer - 5 Hp/12 sec - 10 Mana/2 sec
Elder Druid - 5 Hp/12 sec - 10 Mana/2 sec
Royal Paladin - 5 Hp/6 sec - 10 Mana/3 sec
Elite Knight - 5 Hp/4 sec - 10 Mana/6 sec

Start Playing

When you start playing DarkOT you will create an character at level 8.
You will start in the city of your choose when you created your character.
If you'd like to play in Rookgaard, you simply just have to suicide your character until it goes below level 7 and you will automatically appear in Rookgaard.
But that's only recommended if you really want to go there.
PVP Systems

On your 5:rd kill you'll gain Redskull.
On your 8:th kill you'll get banished.
Redskull last for 3 days.
Banishment last for 1 day the first time, and will increase in time for every time you get banished.

Additional to the PVP system we have yellow skull system.
If you attack a skulled player that didn't attack you, you will gain a yellow skull.
With a yellow skull anyone can attack and kill you without getting any skull/frags themselves.

Game Worth

Game Worth is a system that is designed to protect players from the growing problems of retired players that login once in a while to take their "daily frags".
A lot of people take frags like it's a right to kill people which is completely wrong, it's just a mere limit to make situations in the game not to go out of control.
And not that players that doesn't enjoy the game anymore to login and ruin the game for people who still plays actively, especially lower levels of new players.

Your characters Game Worth will be ranked between 0-100%, your Game Worth will be determine how much damage you can deal on players.
If you have 100% Game Worth, you'll deal normal PVP damage, however if you have 0%, you wont deal any damage at all towards players.
Game Worth system is not part of Events such as Last Man Standing and Team Battle, you'll always have normal damage in events.

Every hour, you'll lose 1% Game Worth.
Every 30 seconds you're hunting you'll gain 1% Game Worth.
So to make normal damage without limits, you'll need to be hunting AVG 25 minutes/day.

After you get above 100%, an buffer will extend another 100%, this allows you to fill up your buffer so you wont have to hunt for 4 days without losing your 100% Game Worth.
You gain 1% buffer every 60 seconds hunting after you've reached 100% Game Worth.

Gaining Worth
While hunting creatures that has 5 times more health than you have level, you'll gain 1% Game Worth every minute.
This means that a level 20 need to kill creatures with minimum 100 health, and a level 100 need to kill creatures with minimum 500 health.

Experience Bonus
For every 20% worth buffert you have, you'll gain 1% extra experience from monsters.
Once you hit maximum 100% buffert (100% worth + 100% buffert) you'll have 5% extra experience gain from monsters.

You can use the command !commands ingame to see which commands are available for you to use.

In DarkOT we use a custom made experience system which means our stages are built-in directly into the experience system.
In normal Tibia you'd need 4,200 experience to advance to level 8, but in DarkOT you only need 40 experience to advance to level 8!
So the rates start at around 100x and ends somewhere at 3x.

Share Experience
When you're in party, you're automatically sharing with everyone in your party that fulfill the requirements.
To share experience, you must be at least 2/3 of the level of the one who killed the creature.
You also need to have attacked an creature recently.
You get 20% bonus while sharing experience with other players.
You get 30% bonus if there's at least 2 vocations in the part.
You get 60% bonus if there's 3 vocations in your party.
And you get 100% extra experience if all vocations are sharing in same party.

All quests in DarkOT works 100% like they're supposed to in Tibia!
With exception of Djinns/Rashid which is free to access for anyone above level 30.
Other than that, the full quests need to be done correctly,
for example queen of the banshee quest, which you will need to complete the seals to finish the quest!

Amulet of Loss & Bless
There's 5 blessings that can be bought all around the map.
Note that blessings protect exp/skill/mlvl losses only.
Amulet of Loss protect your items against losses.

Runes & Manas

It's possible to buy runes from any normal rune NPC.
However runes are expensive in 7.4 style, with the original 7.7+ prices of runes (175 gp for Uh, 325 for sds and so on..)

There are 4 different mana fluids obtainable in the game, these are mana, strong, great and ultimate mana fluids.
mana fluid cost about 50 gold and gives around 100 mana each (0.5 gp/mana).
And the stronger ones give a certain percent more then the weaker one, but in return they're little heavier, and cost a lot more.
Comparing mana fluid with ultimate, you'd get 27 times more mana for the same price using mana fluid instead of ultimate mana fluid, however in near-death situations something expensive might be worth it.

There's also 4 obtainable life fluids in the game, which at some point in the game could outheal an ultimate healing rune for knights, but cost a lot more than an ultimate healing rune.
Take a 200+ Elite knight for example, an ultimate life fluid could heal you almost twice as much as an ultimate healing rune, but in return costs 1,350 gp while the rune cost 175 max.
Also these fluids are heavy, so they're not the best to go out hunt for profit with, however it could be worth carrying a few in case you'd get almost headshot somewhere and ultimate healing rune can't keep your health up.

Fun Fact:
Normal 7.4 game play doesn't allow manas to be so cheap thanks to the point runes are cheap in mana and people would abuse this to get free magic levels and cheap runes.
However a system in the game made it possible to have these manas without people being able to abuse it for close to free runes.
The system work in a way to limit the amount of runes you can make while drinking manas, which will make you consider stop using manas or buy the runes instead.
The system wont make you cripple in the hunting grounds but will still make you annoyed to prefer not make runes while drinking manas. (same goes with any conjure spell)

However if you feel you want to use manas to use conjure spells there's an "old mana fluid" which is buyable in every mana shop.
This mana is ordinary with 7.4 game-style and allow you to use manas to create runes without you gaining too much advantages doing so by cheap mana and so on.
The "old mana fluid" cost 100 gp and gives AVG 65 mana.

Botters, Macroers and Cheaters
In DarkOT we will keep a clean game, together with the AntiBot-Client, combined with ingame detections and harsh punishments, we will delete any account that's been caught cheating in any way!
Bot, macro, tasker, lighthacks, whatever it is, whatever extra thing anyone use to make the game easier, will be punished with deletion WITHOUT WARNINGS.
If you happen to caught a botter in action that DarkOT haven't found yet. you can use the Client-CAM to record him, and share the video in the forum, in the report section with some information how long into the cam you'll see him botting.
If your cam is valid and the "cheater" is obviously cheating, he will be instantly deleted.


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Dec 1, 2008
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Everyone who participated in the open beta will be rewarded with 30 days premium at official launch !​


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Jan 19, 2019
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It's pathetic to see that you´re still wasting money on buying servers @tjafs


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Dec 1, 2008
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4 days of advertisement on otservlist have been bought we also added some advertisements on facebook twitch and other plat forms


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Dec 1, 2008
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Official Launch Date 2019-10-18 18.00 CET


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Dec 1, 2008
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Oct 16, 2008
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