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[France] [7.72] [Nangijala RPG] [Custom Edited Yurots Map] START 2019-03-29 18.00 CET) [RESET]

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Jan 20, 2019
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Greetings and welcome to Nangijala RPG 7.72
IP: Nangijala.Online
Port: 7171
Website: Nangijala.online
The game has been designed for long-term play, where RPG feelings will come from quests. The Game Play is intended to be fun and dynamic.
Now take a look on some info about the Server:
The original YurOts Map had to be changed because it was too small. While modifying the map, the main intention was to expand the locations, but save the original YurOts structures. There are some screens presenting the idea

Kattla's Entrance

The old original Yurots Bridge:)


There are many respawns and nice locations on the map but they are really close to each other (YurOts style).
Vocation changes:
Melee damage has been normalized. No more random 300dmg, 10dmg or 0 hits.
Miss hits removed
Exori Kina
A knight's exori which dmg is based on creatures around you. Consumes 10% max hp.
Exura Kina
Consumes 20% current hp, and restores 20% max hp in time.
Utito Kina
Turning the berserker mode on. While in berserker mode, your auto-attack can go up to 3x (based on % missing health).
The cost is 100 mana for turning on, and 3 mana for next second. (Every second costs 3 mana more)
Exeta Hur
Grants attack speed bonus for 10 seconds.
Exori Gran
Boosted exori
Sorcerer & Druid
Exori strikes has been reworked:
Exori Flam: High amount of dmg, 2 sec cooldown.
Exori mort: High dmg range (Could be small or high) of dmg, 1sec cd
Exori vis: Small amount of dmg, 1 sec cooldown.
Exori pox: Small amount of dmg, 1 sec cooldown.
Exori Noob strikes: Same as originals, but they are targeted and deals 30% less dmg.
Exori Noob Vis
Exori Noob Flam
Exori Noob Mort
Exori Noob Pox
Great Flame: Exevo gran flam hur
-Can Summon up to 3 monsters
Exevo gran mas pox
Has been reworked. Deal instant dmg (Half of ue), then heavily poisons (dmg based on lvl)
Exevo pox hur
Poison Wave
Melee damage has been normalized.
Some new bolts types
Ability to craft Arbalest (New damage formula, that includes level (But starts profiting on 150+lvl))
Exevo bolt hur
Consumes 20 bolts (specified in ammo slot) and deals area damage.
Exori con
Shot that depends on amunition type
Exori con con
Shots multiply. The number of shots depends on level. The formula is 2 + 20% chance for additional shot for every 100lvl.
Spells values should be same with those from old tibia spell calculator:
Tibia city: Damage calculator
In overall, the professions pros and cons should be:
+Good aoe (area of damage)
+Good single target dmg
+Very good healing
-Average burst dmg
-Need to get close to enemies
+Best single target dmg
+Fight on distance
-bad aoe
-bad healing
+Very good aoe
+Good single target
-mana/cash eater :p
Druid: (might need some more features)
+Good aoe
+Good single target
+Summon master
+Party friendly
-mana/cash eater
Food system:
Food instant regenerates mana/hp. The amount depends on food type
Normal food can feed you up to 10 mins.
Special food can feed you up to 30 days.
You lost your food time on death.
Fishing System:
When you're out of cash, you can get some supplies from fishing.
There is 5%-50% chance to get supplies from water depending on your fishing skill
Frag system:
1 frag point lasts 24h
You can obtain Red Skull on 5th frag point (Red skull lasts up to end of the total frag time)
The unjustified kill on lower lvl than yours gives 2 frag points
On 10th frag you go to jail (Where you wait to the end of total frag time)
PZ on kill lasts 15min
As you can read, there are more number of frags to obtain RS (5) if you decide to kill higher lvls. If you will abuse your power (kill lower lvls), you will gain more frag points for it. Also in my opinion, the ban for player killing is bad option. It has been replaced with jail.
Cooldown system:
There is custom cooldown system to ensure dynamic gameplay.
All offensive spells have their 2-sec cooldown
All healing and support spells have their 1-sec cooldown
Critical/Dodge system:
Players can obtain dodge and critical chances from items.
There is classification on hit and spell damages. (Critical on auto-attack/ Critical on spell attack)
The critical damage on monsters deals 200% dmg
The critical damage on players deals 150% dmg
Dodge can block whole attack
Shared exp:
There are high exp-bonuses while shared-exp is active.
The monster kills on task are counted for every members (if shared is active)
The rules to active shared exp are:
Minimum level in party must be higher than 2/3 of the highest level member
Players must be in 30 sqm range
Players must be active in fight
Task system:
There are 3 random tasks from NPC you can take.
If you finish some task, there would be chosen next one.
There are 4 stages with different number of kills. Higher amount of kills will give better rewards and exp. You can also end the task on the first stage (for example 5 demons) and get another task.
You can also use Re rolls
There are given 2x single-re roll points a day at a random time.
You can exchange your tasks points for Re roll points or phoenix eggs
You can open Phoenix eggs and get supplies/rare rewards.
Using re roll points, you can take more than 3 tasks but you need to remember that while re rolling some task you have guaranteed that the re rolled task wouldn't be repeated, but the NPC can pick some task that you have already started.
Phoenix egg
- You can open those using the cracker machine placed underground the Task NPC
Rare monsters system:
There are 1% chance to spawn rare monster instead of normal one.
The rare monster has 50% chance to drop Red/Blue coins. It has also increased loot and exp.
Training school:
- You can buy training tokens for blue coins.
The training school is placed on the northern part of the city. To be able to train there you need to spend some blue coins,
You can get them from rare monsters (or buy from players).
Battle Rings:
- You can buy battle rings for red coins.
Boss system:
There are currently 9 bosses in game.
There is 1% chance to start boss raid on every 100 kill of base monster type(ex. For every 100 dragon lord kills on server, there is 1% chance for Demondras raid)
The person who has spawned boss (killed 100th monster and get lucky), and the players around the spawn (50-150 Sqm near boss spawn(depends on boss)) get notification about it.
Every boss has it's own strategy to fight.
Most of the bosses have 5% chance to drop unique battle item. (Really useful item, not boring +5 armor shit)
Every boss has 100% to drop it's own creature product (Dragon claw etc.)
Lucky loot system
There are items that have luck loot bonus
While wearing those, you can get another draw for loot item if it haven't been drawn from normal loot.
If item comes from luck loot bonus it will be properly described in loot msg.
Auto-loot system
Premium feature
command '!autoloot' to get more info
There are currently 5 'bigger' quests In Game
Some of quests needs to have conversation with NPC's and might require taking a look on environment on the map. (everything might be a hint or bluff)
The main game intention is to get power from equipment not from only level, so the exp rates aren't high.
Also the best power gaming should come from party hunts, so the exp is boosted while shared exp is active.
The tasks are also nice source of experience.
The rates are:
1-20lvl : 15x
20-40lvl: 10x
40-60lvl: 8x
60-100lvl: 5x
100+lvl : 3x
Skills: 5x
Magic 2x
Sorcerer: HP: 1/sec MP: 3/sec
Druid: HP: 1/sec MP: 3/sec
Paladin: HP: 3/sec MP: 2/sec
Knight: HP: 5/sec MP: 1/sec

MS: HP: 1/sec MP: 4/sec
ED: HP: 1/sec MP: 4/sec
RP: HP: 3/sec MP: 3/sec
EK: HP: 6/sec MP: 2/sec
Amulets are going to be strong part in game. The Amulet of loss is cheap, costs only 10k, allowing players to play safely and not spending too much money on amulet of loss.
There are also better amulets granting many nice bonuses, but if you want to use them you need to take a risk and walk without AOL on. (You can also swap the amulets but it requires skill in hands :))
Boat system:
NPC on boat is able to pick you up to Dragons and city.
NPC is able to take you to another places if you have discovered them first.
Small crystals system:
The emeralds,sapphires,rubies,diamonds and amethsysts will be needed to enchance or craft neccessary hunt items.
They are obtainable from every creature in game:
Magic/energy monsters drops Sapphires
Fire monsters drops rubies
Humans/Physical monsters drops diamonds
Earth monsters drops emeralds
Undeads drops amethysts
There are could be exceptions, but those are the main rules, where you should look for crystals
Elemental system:
The game is going to depend on elemental powers where:
Fire beats Earth -> Earth beats Energy -> Energy beats Fire
This haven't take place everywhere due to that monsters are designed to be close to originals from 7.72 but it might be updated if players decide to.
Power ring gives distance fighting skill
Training School
Greater mana potions (Restores higher amount of mana, but in time)
Info log added(server log)
Players unders 20lvl doesn't lost anything on dead
There is 50% current level loss on every death
Aol costs 10k
Gold drop is based on monsters exp
Bots aren't allowed
Skill loss is set on 5% total skill loss on death
Level loss is always 50% current lvl
Over 40 new monsters (Some downgraded from newer version (Grim reapers,Frosts etc and some new made)
Quest for stacking runes
Loot is 2x real tibia
small stones doesn't disappear (training needs)
Possibility to exchange life crystals into rings
Summons teleport back to the master if out of range
Old YurOts NPCs :)
auto stack items
loot display
new mana potions: Regenerates mana over time
ring shop added
basic spells available from 1 lvl (exura,utevo lux, exori flam/mort/vis strikes)
Removed cooldown on auto-attack while stair-jumping
Food eat cooldown 1 second
you can use plate armor as temporary-dice (for gambling needs xD)
thrash loot has been removed (bones,torches etc)
DC protection (Monsters ignore you for 30 Seconds if DC, after that time you will be kicked after 10-30 seconds (depends on prof)
!display (You can set Damage /LOOT/TASK display)
!food (food system)
!go (Go through >20 level players)
The game economy should evolves naturally, so there wouldn't be items/cash etc in shop.
By donating the server, you can get premium account. While your account is premium you can:
Rent a house
Get more depot space
Get more friends on vip list
Buy and use premium features
Premium features:
premium outfits
More information about server will come soon also more pictures will be added here
We are currently working on our Wiki
Stay Tuned
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I can log in on the site but when i download the client to log in, it says wrong password
Earn 5x phoenix eggs for writing character name here on thread
required level 20 +

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