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[Germany][10.00/12.6] Giterna OTS REAL MAP SERVER start 19.09.2021 15:00

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Nov 26, 2014
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Giterna 10.00/12.6 OTS REAL MAP SERVER start 19.09.2021 15:00


Join the Giterna OTS Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/uf8XVFgb)

Log into Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Giterna-104803581959422)

Hello, I would like to introduce to you our project called Giterna.

It's a real map OTS with both 10.00 and 12.6 clients. With unlocked grounds like:
Fear Feaster, Forgotten Knowledge, The First Dragon, Ferumbras Ascension, Order of The Lion, The Cults of Tibia...

We have prepared for you some extra features like:
-Cast system
-Imbuuing system
-Prey system
-Charm system
-Old mana shield system
-Exura gran mas res healing monsters also
-Random magic walls timer

We believe we got a custom anti-bot system that will not support any kind of bots during the PVP fight in the arena.

We hardly working on it for some time, so we are ready to launch the official version.

It will be hard experienced and economy server here are the rates:

3H of green stamina.

level : 8-20 x100
level : 21-50 x50
level : 51-100 x25
level 100+ x2

We gonna strongly contact the community with planning changes and asking about their opinion.
We will update the server every few days, to provide the best playing experience for players.
We are very happy to welcome you to our community!

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