1. Deatthraz

    [Germany] [8.6] MbWars - New EU Server [16.02, 17:00 CET]

    Server will start at 16 February at 17:00 CET (Countdown on website and soon otservlist) Welcome to our new brand server! Marlboro Wars it's a server well-known on North and Latin America and now we want to create a new community in Europe, so feel free to create your account. About the server...
  2. S

    [Canada] [Custom - 10.00/11.9] AntariaWars BR - Opening 02/02

    Ip: on.antariawarsbr.com Grand Opening: 02/02 - 12h00 a.m Greenwich Time Client: Tibia 10/11.9 - own client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Canada, on a dedicated server. Website: AntariaWars: Latestnews (http://www.antariawarsbr.com) Exp rate: Stages Map: Global Runes: Infinite charges with normal...
  3. struzck

    [ITALY][10.98] HESPERIA WAR OPEN ALPHA (RL-based war custon server)

    Hello everyone, I am releasing tomorrow (October 21th) at 12:00 CEST the open Alpha version of my first OTS project, Hesperia War (website: http://hesperia.ml). Hesperia is a war server based on old WarOts with Tibia RL locations adapted to war environment. The server is still under...
  4. Deatthraz


    NEW START SATURDAY 29/09 4PM GMT-5 Welcome to MarlboroWars server! Here are a video from our server: Connection Info IP: marlboro-war.servegame.com Port: 7171 Version : 8.60 Server Info This a high level war, you start at level 300 and if you play hard you can even reach level 3000+ We...
  5. L

    Mafia City H5:Summer Festival About to Start

    Revered Leaders: Mafia City, Rally your crews with real-time strategy action, become the revered Godfather! The hellish heat of summer has finally arrived, as such many babes took this advantage and opened a few bars. Boss, how about we go for a stroll in the city and cool ourselves from the...
  6. wickedd

    [USA] [7.4~] Old School War | Level reset 11/28 | FREE BOH & SOFTS

    Check the website for latest updates. oldschoolwar.zapto.org Frags give skulls/equipment/money. Kill streak and shut down bonuses. Map changes once every day. Real tibia map with custom areas.*1 Custom anti-bot client, smooth running while using items. Start with extra cap and earn extra cap...
  7. tanii


    Welcome to Empire-war.com server! Here are a video from our server: Website: Empire-war.eu Port: 7171 Client version: 8.6 EmpireOT offers you a 24/7 uptime host, no lags and great stability thanks to our powerful hosting with a 1GBit Shared connection. Open PvP - Experience from killing...
  8. Stonka

    [France] [7.4] Realistic-War - ONLINE

    Classic war-server Protocol 7.4 with DX9 & Open GL. Level 30s. Revamped Thais, Greenshore and Rookgard maps in rotation. Custom anti-bot client. Visit the website to create an account and download the client. Realistic-War You can now buy red robe and horned helmet from Runes NPC. Works...
  9. L

    C++ Need OTX 8.6 with this cast system

    Hello, I need the source OTX in which I change the players that are with the cast activated only using ctrl + arrows. This system is present in this server: baiak-ilusion.com Please my friends.
  10. Monomalo00

    [Germany][10&11] Leiends - War Server

    Some information: Start at 10 June, 18:00 PM +1 GMT Server hosted in Germany (We'll try to put a proxy for latin america) Version: 10 & 11 Start level 80 and end level its 200. Quest Set it's better than Donator Set. 6 Quest for do but you need kill a lot of ppl. The map is small and playful...
  11. R

    What happened to WAR servers?

    These days I really get the feeling for some great PVP, be it Tibia 11, 8.60 or my favorite, 7.x... but there are no war servers. There are a few absolute garbage servers on Otservlist, but really no proper, good tibia war. I used to love the 1/1 WAR servers with all the old chars, likewise I...
  12. tjafs

    [France] [7.1] ClassicWar War Server Online Today!

    Website: ClassicWar.online Download: Classicwar_client.zip Custom Client 1.0 Port: 7171 Revamped Thais + Edron You start at level 30 Private accounts and characters Protocol: 7.1 with DX9 and Open GL support Dedicated Hosted in France Old Runes and spell formulas from 7.1 Automatically Map...
  13. P

    [France] Lunara 7.4 WAR SERVER PVP ENFORCED ONLINE !!!!

    Client: *Custom made anti-bot 7.4 client World type: *WAR - PVP ENFORCED Server features: *Start at level 30 *UH traps ( that's why we love 7.4 ) *Edited thais map *Kills/deaths counter *Unlimited runes *Unlimited ammo
  14. e.e

    Share a video that has a message

    Share a video or several that you think has an important message. (Chill rap song by political activist rapper) (Rap music video about ecological destruction, the apocalypse, and aliens by satirical political activists JuiceMedia/Rap News)
  15. Nosferatu88

    [7.4] Thais War Server map.

    This is Thais city map made entirely by me - Michel Der Heidi. It was getting dusty so i share it to public, maybe some good warservers will use it :). I made this map for TibiaPvp server, but its get quickly closed. few small buildings and underground are unfinished Some building were edited...
  16. Kaspar

    [France] [7.4] Let's War - OFFLINE

    Hello folks. Since many players have been eager to pvp on a good 7.4 war-ot, Let's War is launched; 7.4 custom client decreased delays for smooth pvp edited Thais map Spells such as UE, exura sio, etc, cost soul points to cast (redeemed by killing players) BPs remain opened upon death...
  17. Zoolek

    [Poland] Kosmos OTS | HIT | PVP-e | EVO | START 16.02 | Epic Quests

    Ots by player for players! OTS made for PVP Kosmos OTS coming back after 8 years... "New record: 766 players are logged in." - 2009 What is so special in this ot: 1. Runes end, potions & amunition dont (small stones does ^^) 2. Every item from sms shop you can get in game (quests) 3. Balanced...
  18. tjafs

    [France] ClassicWar [7.1 RL Map Edited] Start 2017-12-08 18.00 CET

    Website: ClassicWar.online Client: Client.ClassicWar Custom Client 1.0 Revamped Thais map You start at level 30 Private accounts and characters Protocol: 7.1 with DX9 and Open GL support Dedicated Hosted in France Old Runes and spell formulas from 7.1 Automatically Map Change every 60 minutes...
  19. Worr

    What do you enjoy in oldskool war servers?

    I've been thinking about starting a pvp-enfo war server sometime again but first I would like to discuss what makes them fun to play. They been around forever; starting from the old 1/1 servers where every player logged into the same account and picked an available character (e.g 36.hopto.org...
  20. Pretx

    [USA] Oldpvp - CUSTOM 7.4 - Low level war

    Starts on Monday Info: Oldpvp its a new low-level 7x war server, with some adjustments to balance all vocations 2 years ago I had to close because for not having any antibot system (old theard: [Canada] Oldpvp - 7.4 - Low level war) I'm opening again with new systems and settings Website...