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  1. O

    [Poland] [12.64] FenirOTS [Real Map]

    Server ip: Fenirots.net Port: 7171 Client: Own client 12.64 Up time: 24/7 Website: FenirOTS (https://fenirots.pl/) Exp rate: Custom stages Map: Real Tibia map till update 10.90 Runes/Potions: Classic tibia runes + empty vials doesnt mess your bp, they are removed Loot rate: x2 + loot events time...
  2. H

    Tibiantis.online Video of current war ⚔️

    Check server out if you feel intrested, just passed the year mark Tibiantis (https://tibiantis.online/?)
  3. Stellow

    [Brazil][7.4] Patela Server - 15ms ping for Brazilian Players!

    This is a simple but serious Brazilian Server, hosted in Brazil. It focus the Brazilian community, since the host is located in Sao Paulo. 7.4 Full Medium Rates Fast Respawn Auto-loot Automatic Tasks Cast System Party Shared Experience Offline Trade Offline Training Guild Wars No pay-to-win...
  4. wearetibia

    [CANADA] [Custom / 8.0] WeAreDragons | Paperdoll | PvP-E Guild Wars | Auras | Reborns | 15 JANUARY 18:00 CET

    We Are Dragons Launch ! Hello fellow Warriors! Welcome to the NEW WAT Server: We Are Dragons! Experience incredible new features and prove your worth among your peers. We Are Dragons is full of new adventures and challenges, we are waiting for you. Welcome to the Future of 2d RPG games. Server...
  5. Odysseia

    [FRANCE] [10.98] ODYSSEIA / / Custom WAR server / / Advanced Mining System // Unique OT

    Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: France Exp rate: low - Medium (Player vs player gives more exp) Server type: WAR/RPG. [Website]: www.odysseia-war.com [World configuration]: -Custom map with RL map features, -Custom Client, -Avanced Mining System, -Custom event portal
  6. ka0zstyle

    [BRAZIL] [8.60] - Vinera GLOBAL RLMap - [10/12/2020 12:00]

    🇺🇸 - 🇧🇷 - 🇨🇦 FULL RL MAP 8.6 ALL CITYS (no edit) IP: Vinera.Sytes.net Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.60 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: BRAZIL, on a dedicated server with 1.1/gbs Internet connection (OVH). Website: http://Vinera.Sytes.Net/ EXP STAGES: 1-70: 5 Exp 71-100: 4 Exp 101-150: 3 Exp 151-200: 2...
  7. K

    [Canada][8.6] Retro-Styller - LAUNCH: 9/14/20 | 500+ ONLINE [ENG][BR]

    LAUNCHED September 14th, 2020 (9/14/20) IP Retro-Styller.com Dedicated 24horas! Version 8.60 Server ONLINE! Player Online 513 UpTime 9h 57m Monster 28845 Server Salve 7:00 Hours (BRTIME) Host Location: USA Rates Rates Experience Stages From Level To...
  8. equero


    Hey I'm looking for WAR SYSTEM 0.3.6 tfs on my server. I need jet QUEST for each profession separately. Thanks.
  9. kubqq

    What WAR Server do you will wanna Play? 7.4/10.98

    Hello 👁️‍🗨️ I have questions about new WAR OTS!☠ This will WAR-Server with own accounts, with change map system (1. Thais 2. Place between AB - Carlin 3. Fibula 4. Place between Thais - Venore 5. Place Ankh - Darashia) All of these maps will be edit for War server ofc. My questions about this...
  10. wearetibia

    [CANADA] [Custom / 7.4] WeAreTibia Battle Of Nexus TOURNAMENT | Auras | Paperdoll |Reborn System | EU Proxy | 26 JUNE 18:00

    Server Website/AAC : WeAreTibia - Latestnews (https://wearetibia.com/) WIKI : WAT Wiki (https://wiki.wearetibia.com/) Server Address : wearetibia.com Hosted in Canada with EU proxy Server port: 7171 Client : 7.4/own custom client Launch date: 26/06/2020 1. There will be 5 diamond island...
  11. Klonera

    [12] - OTservBR - An Roshamuul War Server (Not Done, but good progress)

    Hi, So.. I've been working alot latley on a project I thought was a great Idea which Is focused on Roshamuul. An combination between the old days and the new days. I'll be moving community from now on, nothing else will come in this pack other than the data for the server to run. The plans we're...
  12. Stellow

    Feature [Nostalrius 7.7] Guild War

    Hello *, this set of scripts provides a War System for Nostalrius 7.7. Features: broadcast messages on the guild channel (killing, deaths, war status) green skull for enemies configure limit of frags no unjustified kill upon enemy killing cancel, reject war invitation create armistice with...
  13. Morrison

    [USA] [10.98] Warcores | War | OldSchool Real Map 7.7 | Acc 1/1 | Saturday, May 23th

    Warcores is a war server, you will find many hours of fun, you can play either with your friends or alone, dont wait for a team to fight you will already have a team, the implemented war system is based like the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), defend your base and your flag... balanced...
  14. Jpstafe

    Reduce the experience when you die(HELP)

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I would like to know if someone knows how to do it when you die, do not lose level, magic, or skills...
  15. I

    [Poland][8.6] Exodis Classic Server 10.04.2020

    Hi everybody, Our first edition after a few years break, was successful with more then 200 players online for more then 2 months! (On a custom map believe me it's enough for fun game and wars!) those who playd - knows :) During the time of first edition we have fixed everything on 101%...
  16. Grillo1995

    Help with Guild War System (FRAG LIMIT TFS 1.3)

    Hello everyone. :) I have a problem with my War System, I will try to explain. See this image: After making the declaration of war on the website, everything is fine. On the website the player types the number of frags that is stored in the 3rd column as you can see in the image. And after...
  17. ond

    [France] [7.4] Divinum | War-server

    Hello. Some of you might recognize who me and @Kaspar are. If not; we are two friends that used to host a war-server that some people enjoyed spending their time on. Well... We are back, and we are now launching our premium 7.4 based war-server. Our server is not suitable for everyone, since...
  18. wearetibia

    [CANADA] [Custom / 7.4] WeAreTibia Battle Of Nexus | 2.000 USD | Reborn System | EU Proxy | 10 JANUARY 18:00

    Server Website/AAC : WeAreTibia - Latestnews (https://wearetibia.com/) WIKI : WAT Wiki (https://wiki.wearetibia.com/) Server Address : wearetibia.com Hosted in Canada with EU proxy Server port: 7171 Client : 7.4/own custom client Launch date: 10/01/2020 New features: 1. Crafter boxes -...
  19. S

    Gesior2012 - If is in WAR, can't delete guild.

    Hi guys! Someone with more experience in php can help me with this? I am trying to make players who are at war cannot delete the guild or leave it until war is finished. But without success. Im using Gesior2012 and here is my part of guilds.php: Delete Guild: if($action == 'deleteguild') {...
  20. wearetibia

    [CANADA] [Custom / 7.4] WeAreTibia Battle Of Worlds 3 | 3.500 USD | Reborn System | EU Proxy | 02 NOVEMBER 18:00

    Server Website/AAC : WeAreTibia - Latestnews (https://wearetibia.com/) WIKI : WAT Wiki (https://wiki.wearetibia.com/) Server Address : wearetibia.com Hosted in Canada with EU proxy Server port: 7171 Client : 7.4/own custom client Launch date: 02/11/2019 BATTLE OF WORLDS CHANGES : The...