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[Germany][8.0] Pythera - classic real map - LAUNCH 2023-03-03 18:00 CET

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God Kimoth

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Apr 13, 2020
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elcome to Pythera!

Pythera is a classic 8.0 real map that focus on semi- to fast paced gameplay. The server is located in Germany for optimal gameplay for the European audience. The server will launch 2023-03-03 18:00 CET.

General Information:

  • IP: Pythera.net
  • Client: 8.0 (download here)
  • Location: Germany
  • Experience stage: 350x to 3x

List of mentionable features:
  • Extremely high quest accuracy (missions, quest log e.g).
  • Highly optimized client with integrated bot (fluent gameplay)
  • Fair shop items, everything is attainable ingame (ingame shop system)
  • Market system that was introduced in 9.4 is available
  • Guild war system
Q & A:
  • At what levels do I get gold reward?
    Level 25, 50, 75 and 100.
  • Are the djinn quests open access?
    No, but you can sell all items in Thais for 50% of the original price. Complete the quest to sell for full price to NPC in Ankrahmun.
  • How long does a white skull last?
    7.5 minutes.
  • How many frags for a red skull, and how long does it last?
    5/day, 30/week or 80/month. Red skull lasts 24 hours.
  • Is botting allowed?
    Yes, botting is allowed.
The server is continuously being improved by the team with the input of the players in terms of balancing, new content and general improvements. If you find a bug please report it to the team and if you have a proposal for improvement then please suggest it to the team.

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We hope you will enjoy playing Pythera!

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