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[Germany] [8.6] Oraculum - SEMI-LOW RATED! [13.11, Friday 18:00 CEST]

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Feb 13, 2008
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Dear players...
We have been working for half an year to bring you fresh and 100% better edition of Oraculum this time! Oraculum will be semi-hard low-rate server, as you have seen we have removed things like stamina doll / addon doll from Donation Shop, to make the server more interesting for LONG period of time!​

We're starting at Friday (13.11) at 18:00 CEST

Account registration will be open 12.11 thursday at 20:00 CEST


There will be also a COMPETITION for you guys!

5 players with highest level until sunday 20:00 CEST will get 300 Premium Points!

Some information about server: Info
  • Client: 8.6 You need to download Oraculum client from downloads
  • Online: 24/7
  • Global save: 8:00 CEST
  • World type: OPEN (Protection level: 0)
  • Houses: 60 Level
  • Houses cleaning: ( after 7 days no login )
  • Guilds: 8 level via website
  • Free blessings until: 20 Level
  • Mage damage system: Old School
  • Knight/Paladin damage system: 100% custom - depends on Level/Skill/Weapon

  • Experience rate: stages
  • Magic: x3
  • Skills: x7
  • Loot: x2
  • Spawn: x1

We have been thinking about alot of things how to make it works better, that will make players stay for long time with us...
For sure the most important thing was 24/7 botting - disgusting for all of us. - we'll allow to use a bot becouse its 8.6 Tibia but... we gonna do everything to NOT LET players gain EXP / SKILLS / MAGIC while afk - NO MORE CAVEBOT while afk / NO MORE training magic while afk / NO MORE training skills while afk. Every player who will "put the bot to do things for him" while he is afk will be punished ( 3 days banishment ) THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!

Also couple of changes:
  • completly reworked loot system to make the economy works as it should.
  • There are no trainers anymore - there will be train summon available for Oraculum Coins ( At friday for the first day train summons will be spawned near Reston Depot )
  • Boting is strictly prohibited! ( we will be checking every player if he doesn't afk gaining EXP / MAGIC or SKILLs )
  • Reworked many exp places & few new team hunt spawns
  • Fixed alot of issues from last edition
  • Rings that stop working sometimes - has been fixed
  • Helmet of the Deep will give you faster movement speed underwater now!
  • You're able to create guild only via WEBSITE now!
We're waiting to see all of you together at Friday!
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May 23, 2009
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Do you have any custom spawns, items, promotions, spells etc?


Feb 13, 2008
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yeah we do

also few new monsters with new sprites. You just have to try ;> and feel the old - school on 8.6 tibia


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Mar 23, 2008
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ah k ,dno it showed countdown was over on page
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how u can have 2 tasks on gold acc? seems impossible(found out the right way)
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22:58 Charles: Ah good work! Those pesky dwarf guards were getting out of hand. Here is your reward! I am going to update your reputation as a huntsman as well.
no exp,no money,keeps saying exact same sentence ,even if i relog etc
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Oct 10, 2020
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We have been working for half an year to bring you fresh and 100% better edition of Oraculum this time!​

PLAYERS - don't fall for this please. This guy has launched 8.6 server like literally just a couple of months ago. A server which failed miserably at the start due to the admin being absolutely incompetent and creating a server that failed on every level and ended up being a total waste of time. A server that is now dead with only a few bots remaining, a server where the admin gave away premium points to mates and a server where the best items ingame were offered in a cash shop whilst others worked hard for over a month for only a chance of obtaining them ingame.

Considering loads of players have complained about his other server on this forum with 7 pages worth of complaints, there is no other option than to create another quick server under a different name, to scam people more. I mean, this 'low rate' alternative to his other server, offers 2x exp from lvl 150 - the server which launched 2 months ago offers 2x exp from lvl 201 so a huge change.

This is a money grab, if you want a stable and a longer term server, play somewhere else as you'll only experience huge disappointment here.


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Oct 9, 2020
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well, i don't recommend this server.
Unfortunately the server owner is terrible, he gives the whole cash shop to his friends and this itself just makes incredible advantage.
Even on this server you're not supposed to train your skills from the beginning, cause the only way to obtain the training doll is to hunt some dragon lords and hope for some game tokens which you can buy for real money - at the beginning none will hunt dragon lords cause of the low rate, so you're forced to buy the training doll for real money.
So even from the beginning his friends will have advantage, cause of free training dolls for them.

It's not the only problem, this gm is pretty aggressive towards players if someone will criticize the server or him, so be careful with words if you play on this server, cause you may be banned for no reason.
He also makes some changes on the server where only his friends know about them

On the previous server there was a lot of criticism and it led to the point, where gm was paying the players for some good words on the otland forum - unfortunately for him i just posted an evidence of this and it didn't turn the way he wanted. It caused me a perm ban but atleast people wouldn't fall to the fake comments.

Maybe if the server would be owned by someone else, it would be worth to atleast check the server but that's not the case.
The server is just a simple money grab and waste of time for new players, so keep it on mind and i wouldn't be surprised if we will see the next server within next 30 days under some different name (just like the previous was called exodis and he runs them both alternately)

At the end i will just leave the link to the previous server's thread, so there you can just check what kind of person is the owner and how the situation looks.


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