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How to NOT count x-logged players?

because people can still spoof

Bro, my server has been banned since the same has kick on 15 minutes Normal and does not have a program or system to spoof.
what do I do? My server was growing at 60 active players, and now this happened ...
It is really disheartening bro :/
you should make sure that this system works properly before leaving banning good servers ...
or at least explain where there may be something wrong with the servers that may result in ban ...
I already checked all that may be happening but have not found the reason for the ban.
I am very discouraged about it.
Like me, other administrators may be being unfairly banned and losing it ..
We invest in a heavy server to be banned for 30 days?
I think you should review the time this ban because apparently also does not work 100%.
I was banned unfairly, I am very disheartened by this.
Expected more of you, otservlist.
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otland has nothing to do with it xD we just have a subforum for it
well I dont have

I have

but when I try replace it wont work or even if change put to AddU32
Does this still work with TFS 1.2? I noticed that the OP hasn't been updated since 2010...

i can not find this on my sources this line dosent exit in my sources 0.3.6 can some one help me how i compete ?
I have some questions:

1) Xinn or otservlist support tell me someone, I don't have an idle kick system, but I have this script x-logged players not count in my engine


2) I have own custom mmorpg tibia ots with own graphics textures

Have I been banned from otservlist?

for example (dragon ball server has been bannned)
Reason: dragonball server is not a tibia server, for this new rule? its not db server its full custom rpg with own story.
Hello, could someone help me, I have a problem at the time of compiling my server.

================== Error occurring at compile time ===========

status.cpp: In member function ‘std::string Status::getStatusString(bool) const’:
status.cpp:142:24: error: ‘connectionCount’ is not a member of ‘Connection’
sprintf(buffer, "%d", Connection::connectionCount());
status.cpp: In member function ‘void Status::getInfo(uint32_t, OutputMessage_ptr, NetworkMessage&) const’:
status.cpp:240:25: error: ‘connectionCount’ is not a member of ‘Connection’
Hello, I'm not able to report on the website, I'm not sure why, but I come in this way to report the server guerra-war.com, this without limit of mcs being that each one is logging more than 20 mcs and ADM asks for all log in to give players online.
Thanks, I get a response