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How to NOT count x-logged players?

Im upgrading the rev of my server to 9.60 rev´s. Do i need to do it or it was already solved? i dont want to have my new server banned AGAIN! Any feedbacks?
I'm using 0.3.7, well after the revison don daniello claims implemented this, but for some reason it doesn't work on my server. I do not have idle times set to 15 as obviously I don't need to, the trainers don't have "no logout" zones..

The hells the problem? what possible fuckup could be incurring ?
someone can share with me a good whoisonline for my server? dont count the afk players etc..
if (requestedInfo & REQUEST_PLAYERS_INFO) {

I found this in tfs 1.0
Can someone explain to me?
If such a system exists ant-ban ...
Why exists this ban?