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How to NOT count x-logged players?

Screw that why let otservlist control CUSTOM SERVERS WITH CUSTOM RULES. Do not do this edit, do not conform and remove the ability to be unique. The whole point of open tibia is to be UNIQUE not the same. And rules are part of that UNIQUE!
i was thinking, in TFS 1.2 is this implamanted in default?

or if I make trainers no log out zone I will get banad ? How it work ? Does Any1 Even Know?
I have compiled this from the status.cpp but I always have 1 online player in the status I don't know why and there is no one and it always puts 1 Players Online, does anyone know why? and the part of 3 I do not understand how to compile where or how?

this where is added?

rm *.o
./configure --enable-mysql --enable-server-diag