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Interested in 7.6 Server Proyect


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Feb 26, 2018
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Hi, im looking for someone capable or interested in helping creating a 7.6 tf server, like the one Becks had many years ago, of course we want the server to be sql or so, or even the xml type, the only problem with the xml servers we have is that they have an automatic afk check system that we dont know how to get rid off.

Pretty much we are offering 2 options. Option A) Introduce us to the sql servers, like how to get start with it, and later we can add the new map, and the new features.

Option B) If you know how to fix the problem I mention before of the afk system check in the xml server, or how to make monsters to NOT move diagonally, cause thats another problem we found on our server.

We invite you to be part of this new proyect, or we can hire you (name your price) to either do Option A or B.