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Looking for a mapper


Sep 13, 2023
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Hi there, Im looking for a mapper to make a few cities for my EVO server -
1. Main City - temple, around 80 houses, nice looking pvp zone, lot of details, will send more details to person that gona be interested.
2. Ice City - around 50 houses, few quests, dungeon, around 5 big areas with monsters, will send more details to person that gona be interested.
3. Jungle City - around 30 houses, few quests, two dungeons, few small and big areas with monsters.
4. Vip City - small city, around 30 houses, teleport to exp area with teleports.
5. Facc zone - exp area with teleports.
A lot of quests and monsters areas that gona be made specially for mobs.

Discord: riderovsky

Please send me few screenshots of your projects.
Paid by - Paypal, Revolut or Bank Transfer.
I do not recommend this person! Total waste of time. He writes in his subject line that he has hundreds of projects to do and when I wrote to him and asked about the work, he wrote to me if I can do 5 houses for him first to the city and then we will see. He is not a serious person, he is looking for a stag to work for dog money or he writes down the work he has done to get ideas and projects. He probably doesn't have any money at his disposal either, he's just making fun of people.

Below is his map of the town project I was supposed to add 5 houses to, because that's what he wanted to start with.... xD
At the end he stops answer me.


Im not giving a big job to first person that gona write to me, after 7 minutes of not responding guy removed me and sending here pictures of the map (that i wouldnt like to show) so you see what type of person it is :)
You are just scammer, go make copy shadow on 10.98, good luck !
edit: create a new account on otland to make new theards you ninja.
is anybody banning on this forum? he's saying that i'm a scammer, i can proof from few mappers here that im not. :)