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Team [tfs 1.5 - orts]Need testers for a 8.6 global map


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May 6, 2023
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Hello Im working in my server which is tfs 1.5 protocol 8.6 with global map.the idea is to involve every mechanic of the game, making reference in aspects of npcs tarlking or behaving, movements, actions, signs letters, quests, levers, step in squares, teleports and so on

also, mechanics few in game have been re-made to works like in protocols 7.4. So you can lure monsters, over spawn monsters, thief loot monsters. Might add that monsters has target strategies so they change it's target depending on the situation like for example if there is a player of lower lever or with low hp or that hit more than others.
you can trap players( heighstackclock function). Rope players, monsters and items, spells formulas are the old ones too(not the real ones, but as close as possible). there are more features that i might not remember now. Like this server is 8.6 it includes hotkeys of course, another feature is that it has mounts included,
this server is based in orts 8.0 data pack, and it was upgraded in order to make it work 8.6

going back to the previous point i need testers because like i have said the data pack has been upgraded from 8.6 meaning that i have recently added yalahar & farmine. it would take me so much time to test and do everything by my self so it would be cool, get a team of 10 - 15 players who are willing to help me test features of these cities in game, like npcs, quests, storages and so on.

Client is based in otcv8, here you can see a picture of it

No errors in console
The Forgotten Server - Version 1.5 (Nekiro's 8.60 downgrade)

Compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ version 14.3
Compiled on Jul 30 2023 03:39:37 for platform x64
Linked with LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta3 for Lua support

A server developed by Mark Samman
A server downgraded by Nekiro
Visit our forum for updates, support, and resources: https://otland.net/.

>> Loading config
>> Loading RSA key
>> Establishing database connection... MySQL 3.3.1
>> Running database manager
>> Loading vocations
>> Loading items... OTB v3.20.20
>> Loading script systems
>> Using LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta3
>> Loading lua libs
>> Loading lua scripts
>> Loading monsters
>> Loading lua monsters
>> Loading outfits
>> Checking world type... PVP
>> Loading map
> Map size: 33568x33111.
> Map loading time: 5.138 seconds.

> Loaded house items in: 0.011 s
>> Initializing gamestate
>> Loaded all modules, server starting up...
>> RPG Server Online!

the base map of the server, where you could see photos of the server itself
» All 8.6 Quests/missions/tasks/questlong/access.
» Every island: Thais,Carlin, Ab'dendriel, Edron, Ankrahmun, Darashia, Kazordoon, Port hope, Liberty Bay, Rookgaard, Svargrond, yalahar, farmine, zao.(including the mini-island)
» Balanced vocations, spell damages from 8.0/7.6 has been slightly tweaked in order to enhance this.
» All of the raids that existed back in the days are of course here.
» Raid System creatures will execute a raid on a nearby town or city.
» Addons can be obtain as real tibia. Through making missions and collect the items! Other features!
» All monsters balanced.
» Quest spike sword add in Rookgaard!

Features optional:
» Teleport Trainer Dummy same as Kasteria.
» Npc Casino in Thais depot.
» Npc's Dijinn's in Thais.
» Runes for sale on npc's

Loaded house items in: 0.011 s
> Initializing gamestate
> Loaded all modules, server starting up...
> RPG Server Online!

If you are interested, hit me up with a message here, a post or add me to discord: pasturryx

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