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Programmer Looking for OTC programmer.


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Oct 2, 2010
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Hello, I live in Belgium. I have been in the otland community since 2010, so far I have not leaned out but I decided to fulfill my childhood dream and create a refined OT server.

I have been working on my engine for several months, but I am limited by cipsoft's client.

I'm working on TFS 1.3 based on 10.98.

What do I expect from OTC:

Layout based on RealTibia (8.6) with custom options
Task system inside client
Autoloot system
Nice looking shop in client

I'm just looking for someone who knows his stuff and is ready to take a job. I pay in euros, dollars, any currency of the world with Revolut, Paypal, Banktransfer or other payment processors.

I am asking for private messages or a response to this post