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TFS 1.X+ Multiworld log in issue


Feb 10, 2023
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Have added aurelions multiworld system into nekiro's 8.0 downgraded server. Have no errors in console
In client after i press ok to search for the character list, the windows stays for ever displaying "connecting to login server..." there are no errors in console
The Forgotten Server - Version 1.5 (Nekiro's 8.00 downgrade)

Compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ version 1933
Compiled on Jun 18 2023 11:20:11 for platform x64
Linked with LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta3 for Lua support

A server developed by Mark Samman
A server downgraded by Nekiro
Visit our forum for updates, support, and resources: https://otland.net/.

>> Loading config
>> Loading multiworld config...
>>>> World Forgotten (ID 0) - Loaded successfully.
>>>> World Second (ID 1) - Loaded successfully.
>> Loading RSA key
>> Establishing database connection... MySQL 3.3.1
>> Running database manager
>> Loading vocations
>> Loading items... OTB v1.3.50
>> Loading script systems
>> Using LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta3
>> Loading lua libs
> create_functions.lua [loaded]
> defaults_move_event.lua [loaded]
> event_callbacks.lua [loaded]
> helper_constructors.lua [loaded]
> register_monster_type.lua [loaded]
>> Loading lua scripts
> #dqh_walls.lua [disabled]
> #multiple_lever.lua [disabled]
> #onstep_in_out_tile.lua [disabled]
> #change_gold.lua [disabled]
> #dolls.lua [disabled]
> #doors 7.6 actualizado backup.lua [disabled]
> #doors.old.lua [disabled]
> #doors.rl by xikina.lua [disabled]
> #spellbook.lua [disabled]
> #transforms.lua [disabled]
> #vertical_horizontal_doors.lua [disabled]
> #voodoo_doll.lua [disabled]
> #gold_converter.lua [disabled]
> #saw.lua [disabled]
> #default_onDropLoot  original.lua [disabled]
> #vertical_horizontal_doors.lua [disabled]
> #example.lua [disabled]
> #example.lua [disabled]
>> ["others"]
> change_gold.lua [loaded]
> dolls.lua [loaded]
> doors.lua [loaded]
> voodoo_doll.lua [loaded]
>> ["actions"]
> spellbook.lua [loaded]
>> ["scripts"]
> bless_check.lua [loaded]
>> ["creaturescripts"]
> scarab_death.lua [loaded]
>> ["scripts"]
> ctf.lua [loaded]
>> ["monster"]
> default_onDropLoot.lua [loaded]
>> ["player"]
> default_onLook.lua [loaded]
> default_onLookInBattleList.lua [loaded]
> default_onMoveItem.lua [loaded]
> default_onReportBug.lua [loaded]
> default_onReportRuleViolation.lua [loaded]
>> ["scripts"]
> mana_stacables.lua [error]
^ ...\Documents\GitHub\pro-ot\data\scripts\mana_stacables.lua:30: 'end' expected (to close 'function' at line 3) near '<eof>'
>> ["movements"]
> closing_door.lua [loaded]
>> ["scripts"]
> onlosspremium.lua [loaded]
> sorcerer_guild_thais_step_in.lua [loaded]
>> ["talkactions"]
> notation_ban.lua [loaded]
> position.lua [loaded]
>> Loading monsters
>> Loading lua monsters
>> Loading outfits
>> Checking world type... PVP
>> Loading map
> Map size: 33500x33500.
> Map loading time: 3.436 seconds.
[Warning - Monsters::loadMonster] Cant load spell. data/monster/bosses/mahrdis.xml
> Loaded house items in: 0.001 s
>> Initializing gamestate
>> Loaded all modules, server starting up...
>> RPG Server Online!

maybe the error is in procotollogin.cpp. could you give me a hand with this? thank in advance

here is the file.cpp

in otclient this error is displayed when type ctrl + t
Connecting to:
ERROR: protected lua call failed: C++ call failed: InputMessage eof reached
stack traceback:
    [builtin#146]: at 0x00be4070
    [C]: in function 'getString'
    /modules/gamelib/protocollogin.lua:254: in function 'parseCharacterList'
    /modules/gamelib/protocollogin.lua:181: in function </modules/gamelib/protocollogin.lua:163>
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I was reviewing protocollogin.cpp and i found
that maybe i need to remove the word parameter "name" from account.characters, because it was written in this way before editing the code
if I do this I get an error and can't compile
also in client the error leads me here:
   character.name = msg:getString()

any solution for this?