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Feb 27, 2018
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Ok this monday I asked, for the complexity of a project I was intending to do here. Since then I have made some mild advances, and I wanted a place to keep track and maybe get feedback from the comunity, since ther is not a Code Showoff, I figured it would belonge in here.

This is all based on Nostalrius 7.7 and I'm really noob at programing, I can code in a pinch but I always fuck up at things like linking files together and that kind of stuff. So first accomplishment I was able Compile set up a server and Znote (well done me)

First step was to set up the class and make roockgard npc's give the option to change to it:

Fairly easier than compiling this damn thing for sure.

Example of gatekeeper/Oracle

Second step was a little more convoluted, the aim was to make a skill that deal damage the more OZ you are carrying.

This took far too long while I searched to a way to check oz carrying I ended up going with this.
I had to do the ridiculous arithmetic because I was not able to implement my own player function I would throw 1200 errors on compiling, I suspect I had to include it somehow but o well...
The maths are temporary and not accurate y taken 'exori' math and modified it a bit, when low weight it can heal and it's ridiculous overpowered as it is but works as intended and I prefer to balance when I'm done.
That is where I'm so far. Will update when i get something else done for that sweet dopamine rush. ;)
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