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AAC MYAAC and Xampp, Layout caching


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Jun 22, 2021
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Hey! Im not sure if its the Xampp caching my php layout or the AAC itself but Im having a really rough time trying to edit the layout duo to it being cached somewhere, and it doesnt seem to matter what I do. I've cleared both code cache on my pc + cleard my entire Chrome cache (Even tried using Edge), so I've got no clue where its cached. Problems occur when I try to edit .ini files such as config.ini for the overall color on the site + the .html.twig content.
At this point Im glad if anyone know anything related to this cuz Im literally going insane. The only way I have found working is creating new directories for the layout with new names. But its so annoying having to create an entierly new directory just to change maybe one or two values.
Thanks a lot for reading. Im so desperate I could even pay for information regarding this.... 🥺