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OTClient OTClient 7.72 custom server


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Feb 20, 2015
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Hey guys i have custom server, im changing protocol in otserv.cpp from 772 to 610 from this thread Change tibia client version [7.72] (https://otland.net/threads/change-tibia-client-version-7-72.243329/)

And now im tryin to login on otclient but i didnt know how to change protocol from 772 to 610 in otclient

when im connect in 772 protocol , otc give me error download newest version (its my error from otserv.cpp)
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in terminal otclient

++ call failed: Client version 610 not supported
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function 'setClientVersion'
/client_entergame/entergame.lua:330: in function 'doLogin'
/client_entergame/entergame.otui:196: [@onClick]:2: in function </client_entergame/entergame.otui:196: [@onClick]:1>
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