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Programmer OTCv8 protection services


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Jan 5, 2012
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Hello everyone,

I am a dev with experience in the security field, and am offering protection services for OTCv8

What does protection services mean?

  • Anti-injection: Client will regularly check itself for unauthorized loaded modules (not OTC modules but .dll dynamically linked modules).
  • The client will cryptographically validate the integrity of the dynamically linked modules before loading them. (this feature requires at least a self signed code signing certificate).
  • Anti-Hook: The client will perform regular self integrity checks to monitor for unauthorized patches.
  • Thread monitor: The client will monitor its own process structure to search for unauthorized threads.
  • Critical data encryption: encrypt critical structures and pointers in memory.
  • File encryption rework: a reworked encryption system for loading client dependencies from a single file (data.bin), with a strong cryptographic algorithm and keys that don't linger in memory.
  • Custom Packer stub: Option to pack the client binary and the protection .dll with a custom packer stub, making static analysis harder. (you WILL get flagged by antiviruses if you have not purchased a code signing certificate from a certification authority such as VeriSign, or submit your client to antivirus companies for manual analysis).
  • Anti-debugging, anti-VM, anti-hypervisors
  • File integrity: the integrity of client files will be validated against a cryptographically signed manifest.
  • Client launcher: allow users to login only with your custom client, and force the usage of a launcher to auto-update.

  • Binary integration: The protection module is integrated to your client at the binary level, without making any sources edit.
  • Server integration: all the detection mechanisms are decoupled from the client-side module, and moved to a custom module hosted in your servers, to which the client module sends data. It will be impossible to play without the protection module attached, because of its deep integration with the server and the client itself.
Every feature is optional and depends on what protection exactly you need for your client.

Special note: If you pay for my services, you must understand that this is an anti-tamper software and that no anti-tamper software is infallible. Not even Denuvo or BattleEye. Not even a multi-million company like Epic (EasyAnticheat) can code an uncrackable software.

Having explained that, it is clear that OpenTibia does not have the scale of mainstream shooter games like valorant or cs. So, my software is strong enough for deterring most script-kiddies, casual cheaters and some of the lesser softcore reverse engineers.

Hit me up on DM with your discord id if you are interested.
Some ppl has asked me if my protection module requires a $300 code signing certificate.

The answer is no. The protection will run just fine without a code signing certificate. Your client will not be flagged by an antivirus software unless you choose to protect it with my custom packer.

You can use every other feature without purchasing anything.