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[OtLand Official Mapping Competition] [S2] - February Voting Thread *SEASON 2 FINALE*

Which of the submissions do you think is the best?

  • Submission #1

  • Submission #2

  • Submission #3

  • Submission #4

  • Submission #5

  • Submission #6

  • Submission #7

  • Submission #8

  • Submission #9

  • Submission #10

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(҂ ͠❛ ෴ ͡❛)ᕤ
Dec 17, 2011
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Santiago - Chile
I would like to have seen some ice, or blue palettes, in the style of Macalania Woods from Final Fantasy X for this theme... Here's my opinon:

[1] I liked it more than the rest, it has an air of a classic RPG enchanted forest from some Square Enix or Zelda game. Also the combination of colors looks good considering the limitation of sprites. Good job!

I liked seeing something different, but I can't focus my attention on a specific point, it would have been good to have applied the rule of thirds for a better composition.

[10] It is closer to a transcendent color palette,
but I feel that it is very empty, more vegetation is missing. Anyway it looks pretty good, my second option for sure 👍.

I tried to give the most constructive feedback possible, however, I see that the quality of the forum maps is increasingly demanding. Good job everyone, I hope that without being a prominent mapper, my advice will be of some use. Regards!


Sep 1, 2010
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Id say nr #2 - IF INSTEAD of the mountain edges on +2 it was a +3 and that would be an entrance to the inside of the mountain (Because thats imo not an elf respawn)
But I must say nr#1 is my fav. (Right monsters, right ambientation)


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Aug 7, 2018
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Well I still think none of them are really forests, because it would be pointless, It is really tough to make a forest and show it on a single screen.

1# Enchanted glade or temple - 3 trees are not forest, if sb would put more it would loose all its charm and then votes.
2# Enchanted waterfalls, For sure it looks amazing as in-game night view with yellow and blue light from mushrooms
3# This is closest to the theme but can't imagine walking there in-game during night with this hidden mountain edge in the middle. Despite many detailed borders it still is empty in the middle.
4# Guess same problem as with 2nd, light effects would hide ugly spots and expose nicer ones
5# I've counted - 3 trees and the rest are /looks like bushes
6# Enchanted ordinary swamps
7# I think this would be enchanted forest if only we could see this on gif by walking through it, I still hope that after competition this mapper would post it here, I'm curious how it looks inside
8# More big trees, but distance between them says it is a park not a forest.
9# Is fun, but screenshot shows too much of the temple and this is why it looks empty
10# Also just problem that screenshot shows too much, I'm sure that this would look awesome with night light effects.

My conclusions are that:
-RME screenshoot killed potential of this contests topic,
-You don't need to make forest in "enchanted forest" competition...
-Some players loose votes because they showed too much and if their work was cut nicer they could have received more votes
-Just screen in every competition doesn't allow to show real climate of this map, like in 7#

Anyway none work seems like forest because if it did then it would look (in editor) like boring and empty.
Everything about enchanted forest in my opinion is about mixing appearing tree crowns and then reveal magical places hidden underneath.
I would love to see 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 9#, 10# with at night with light effects, 7# with gif and 8# with movie, not as a competition just as piece of nice work already done.


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Sep 8, 2019
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I visualized my map at night with light effects and it feels very different, although I think that for any image to isolate only the game's screen frame it wouldn't show much in general. Some themes make it difficult to centralize information into something very small.


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Feb 26, 2021
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Welcome to the voting thread for February's mapping competition & Season 2's Finale! Who shall be crowned the champion of Season 2!?

VOTING STAGE: October - "Enchanted Forest"

The entrants shall remain anonymous until the voting stage has concluded.

Remember: The prize for the winner of the competition will receive 3-months free premium on OtLand.

It is worth noting that there is now a league system that is tracking the points of the top 3 from each competition. At the end of a "season", the winner will receive an additional prize! Stay tuned. More details and current standings as well as a more detailed account of the rules can be found here: Hall of Fame | Rules | F.A.Qs

  • You MUST NOT vote for yourself
  • You MUST NOT entice others to vote for your entry
  • You MUST only vote once. Anyone found using multiple accounts to vote will have all of their votes discounted. If an entrant decides to violate this rule, they will be banned indefinitely from the competitions and have their entry disqualified.
  • You MUST NOT inform, hint or otherwise let any other members know which entry is yours (until the winner is revealed obviously)
  • You MUST NOT insult or "flame" anyone, their maps or their comments
  • Please vote for the entry that best suits the theme of the competition (in this case; the theme is ("Enchanted Forest")
  • If you know who mapped what just by style, do not post saying who it is. You will receive an infraction for doing so.
  • If you wish to change your vote, please comment below and this will be accounted for once the voting stage has concluded. You should now be able to change your vote yourself


Vote Changes: You're now able to change the vote you casted, yourself.


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Good Luck all!
I really liked #1 as it gave a very enchanted feel overall. The rest were cool too, but that one caught my attention the most.
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i like #1 #5 #8
but the number #5 is the best it is big and shows a complete terrain, the first # 1 anyone can do something so small, (it looks beautiful)

Sir Ivory

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Jan 8, 2021
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None of them looked like an enchanted forest. Just normal forests. Didn't vote.
I agree, some people getting butthurt saying their ability is limited to Tibia sprites... it's not that hard tbh. They probably need to humble themselves and practice more. Wish I would have seen this competition sooner. I voted for the one that at least tried the hardest to make that "enchanted" part happen. Overall, they're all good pieces of work as far as forests go.. its just the enchanted part that many seemed to struggle with.

eiserne festung

<3 Blackstone
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Mar 29, 2009
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I would say all of them display a forest, (not talking about the Swamp)
Heared a few times that people complain about the size of the maps and that there are no trees.
Not every forest is fullgrown with trees, neither was there a rule how big your piece needs to be.

overall intresting ideas and outcomes by every1,
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Oct 6, 2015
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I know the topic with enchanted forest, dont i dont care, nr 8 is for me the best, although it doesnt look very enchanced.

Anyway, i love it, it reminds me of those big parts in the middle of big cities, except this look more like a city - or scattered building/architecture - around a big forest. this is a very cool mix between forest and city/architecture and it captures the essence of elves very good: Their passion for nature (giant forest) and the sophistication of their cutlreu (architecture). This only thing are the trees; the autumn trees are good, but the other green trees look some how bad with all those ifferes small trees clutched together. but i think it still looks amazing. and i dont know how to solve it better myself

nr2: if you would add some simple wooden houses, then it would look like a god damn jungle settlement! and it would be amazing to explore it with all those brodges over rivers, waterfalls, hills up and down.... its so cool!

nr3: damn it looks a biut like a swampy forest with all those little rivers scattered around the plains. The witches hut is done very nice, with this stairs!

nr4: it doesnt look enchanced, but i dont care, i like it that u put dworcs in there; nobody every is making settlements for sworcs or chakoyas... the

nr5: I like how u made a forest out of sprites that are rarely used in this contest. looks very weoill.

nr6: i think it looks more like a swamp, but i think its still good, although i dont like these many grounds and borders mixed together.

nr 7, damn most unusuall peace! would vote for this one, if it were not the elves!

nr9 i think it good, but i dont rly like that building, its too flat....i would make instead a big mountain and on top of it smthing special... glowing stone or something like that.

nr10... damn i think i know whom this piece belongs, but as i already said somewhere... i rly dont like these pink mountains.... but the bridges and especially the river are top! i think i would have just used a normal gray mountain...

nr 1 well, this piece is very nice, i cant add anothing to it :/ + i think from all pieces its the one looking most enchanced... but as i said NR 8 is the best in my opinion.