Please watch this (10 sec video) reason why Dyablo should be Demoted.


Mar 17, 2012
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I really don't know when Dyablo is going to stop doing this, whenever anybody asks him about anything and if he is not on the mood, he just !mute instantly. Dude being a tutor doesn't mean you have the right do to whatever you want. at the end we all players and we play shadowcores you're just a regular player as we are, in matter fact you have to be more calm than a normal player dude. ofc this is not RL tibia but the server is growing up like it's crazy, anyway in Rl tibia if tutor caps locked in Help channel, CipSoft demotes him in 24h. I even saw you many times insulting people in default channel calling him "idiots, learn english" and other stuff too.