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[Poland] [8.00] Trapera | Edited Karmia/Vanilla | Start 31/08/2023 at 18:00 CEST - Reworked

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Mar 3, 2010
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Dear Traperians,
We decided to rework Trapera to more PVP Friendly server.


  • Everyone can sell/buy items from Djinns without access
  • Everyone can sell items to Rashid without access
  • Player can buy Assassin Stars without Assassin addon
  • Autoloot is free and have 20 items limit
  • Experience Scroll can be used 2 times per day
  • Exercise Weapons: *1.15 ==> *1.30
  • Created Guild Shop*
  • Added command !guildpoints**
  • Added Trapera Boots, Trapera Ring, Trapera Weapons***
  • Added Guild Boots****
  • We have better way to check PVP Botters this time, so if you get banned for this, there wont be excuses.

* Guild Shop will have Guild Boots and Experience Scroll as offers.
** !guildpoints command can be used by leader of a guild and can be used only if the guild have 8 players online with different ip and 50+ level. Can be used once / day.
*** Trapera Boots and Ring will have regeneration of hp & mp but lower than Slippers or Ring of Ending (items that you can earn in game). Same thing for Trapera Weapons that will not be the best items in the game!
**** Guild Boots will have regeneration of hp & mp but lower than Trapera Boots.


Trapera starts on 31 August at 18:00 CEST!
All registered accounts & characters before the start will receive 48h of PACC!

Server Informations​

Trapera is an edited Karmia 8.0 server with custom and real map parts.
Website: Trapera.net
Exp Stage: Open
Skills: 6x (Faster skilling for knights till 80 skills)
Magic: 4x
Loot: 4x

Red Skull: 5 frags.
Ban: 10 frags.
1 frag expires 8 hours.
Ban lenght: 3 days.
Experience for killing higher level players.
1s exhaust for SSA equip

Cave bot and PVP bots are illegal!
You can use Macros, bots or our Rune Maker for making runes, train mlvl or conjure ammunition.
First ban: 3 days
Second ban: for ever!

Premium Features:

More Informations

Premium Lottery​

There is a 7 days PACC Lottery on our Discord.
All you have to do is write your nick in #pacc-lottery chanel.
Lottery will be executed on start day at 17:00 CEST!


We offer 7 PACC days for guilds that have 10+ members.
To receive your PACC days, create your guild after the server start and add all your members to it.
When it's done, contact VodkaGuN on Discord with the Guild Name.


Fully functional market in game.


Trapera Wikipedia - Market

Shop In Game​

For better player's experience we decided to add the Shop In Game directly.


Trapera Wikipedia - Shop In Game

Rune Maker​

You can use our Rune Maker to makes runes, train magic level and conjure ammunition.


Trapera Wikipedia - Rune Maker

Farming Items​

The principle is simple, you have to kill monsters and collect from them basical and specified items and exchange to best sets in game.


Trapera Wikipedia - Farming Items

Characters Market​

You can sell your character on our online Characters Market.


Trapera Wikipedia - Characters Market

Exercise Weapons​

You can buy exercise weapons from our in game shop for 300 Trapera Coins or in game via NPC Willard for 300,000gp.


Trapera Wikipedia - Exercise Weapons

Upgrading System​

You can obtain Upgrading Crystals from our Items Shop or from Daily Tasks, Daily Bosses, Solo Daily Bosses or quests.


Trapera Wikipedia - Upgrading System

Trapera Coins For Level Advances​

Trapera coins for first level advances. It's only for first 10 players for each level.


Trapera Wikipedia - Trapera Coins For Level Advances


The principle is simple, a team of 3-6 players can do the dungeon, it can be repeteable with no limits.


Trapera Wikipedia - Dungeons

Training Monks​

Our Training Monks system has got unique rooms for each player. Attacking a training monk regenerate 1 soul and 1 min of stamina every 5 minutes.


Trapera Wikipedia - Training Monks

Daily Tasks​

Each day you can make 1 task that will unlock you the possibility to get your daily reward.


Trapera Wikipedia - Daily Tasks

Daily Bosses Spawns​

Daily bosses system has been added to have fun day-to-day.


Trapera Wikipedia - Daily Bosses Spawns

Reward Bag​

All players that attacked bosses with this system will receive a reward bag which will contain a loot based on their chance.


Trapera Wikipedia - Reward Bag

Solo Daily Bosses​

You can fight everyday Solo Bosses in arenas around the map.


Trapera Wikipedia - Solo Daily Bosses

Daily Exp Event​

Every day at 21:00 CET the Top Powergamer can access to a boss called Yeti.


Trapera Wikipedia - Daily Exp Event

Auto Loot​

Classic auto loot with commands.


Trapera Wikipedia - Auto Loot


100+ tasks to animate your adventure on Trapera and reward you with some goodies for all monsters that you beat.


Trapera Wikipedia - Tasks

Rare Loot Effect​

We decided to create a system that will show you which corpse has a rare item.


Trapera Wikipedia - Rare Loot Effect

Interactive Map​

You can use our interactive map to search all monster spots or NPCs you need. It is in BETA phase so few spots may be not added yet.

Trapera - Interactive Map


Trapera has got some higher tibia items and custom items like Black Demon Set, Slippers, Golden Weapons etc..


Trapera Wikipedia - Items


You will meet 80+ higher tibia and custom monsters on Trapera. They have some special items and abilities


Trapera Wikipedia - Monsters

Quests & Missions​

There are 50+ quests and RPG missions all around the map with a lore that is updated with new content on our custom isle called Agardia.


Trapera Wikipedia - Quests & Missions

Community Management​

In past, we had some issues with the community management because I (Vodka) was the only one to manage it.
Our team was composed of 1 Maper, Me and a Sys Admin, they were not engaged in the community.
I had too many things to do alone and It was impossible to handle it, keeping mental healthy.
That's why, we have recruit 4 new staff members. They are experienced Trapera players.
We have now, 3 Tutors and 1 Community Manager that made his proofs as a tutor for months.
Tutors have mute command and will be there as a first contact between staff & you. You can ask them all your questions about the gameplay etc..
For more important things, you will be able to contact the Community Manager which will filter requests and transfer me the impossible ones to resolve by him.
The Community Manager will have only few commands to avoid any dramas. He will not be able to create items, he will have 0 cap etc..
Thanks to this staff reorganization, we will have more time for Trapera development.

Graphical Presentation​

Check our Graphical Presentation which resume all what was explained there but with images.
Trapera - Graphical Presentation


You can follow our changelog on Discord to know what we have in plans to do & change.
Trapera Discord - Changelog


Some best screenshots from our latest editions.







Trapera Team

Do not forget to participate to our PACC Lottery on Discord, even if you loose you will win 2 extra PACC days!

Start in 3 days! You can already create your accounts

Start in 2 days, we are fine-tuning the details
Trapera Starts today at 18:00 CEST!

This is how our new shop looks like:

Also, we've created new NPC Black Market, he is buying/selling all items from Djinns and Rashid and he is placed in Karmia, Desert & Dragemia Depot.
To speak with this NPC you need to purchase access from the shop.
Remember: All Djinns & Rashid are free to use without accesses

We will soon update our client (updater should be ready for 13:00 CEST).
If your client is not updating, be sure to download the latest client version from our website to be sure (new links will be available from 14:00 CEST).
If you have issues with client, contact us on Discord.

Feel free to discuss with us on our Discord channels ⁠💬-polish-chat ⁠💬-english-chat

Trapera Team
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Couldn't add the Guild Shop image, so I make a double post:
The missing infos on Wikipedia has been updated.
2 guilds confirmed they presence for the moment.
Start in 2 days.
Already 3 guilds said they will join.
Donate set items?
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Is there any way to find mana reg items naturally via quests end game?
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Donate set items?
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Is there any way to find mana reg items naturally via quests end game?
Yes you can check our wiki.
All Dungeon and Farming items have regeneration
And you can get much better (then in shop) weapons, rings and boots with regeneration in game too.

PS: You can also sell donate set items in game for 50% of Trapera Coins value
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Yeah, I was killing monster in the fastest way possible, hit lvl 32 first among "non donators" and the guys who donate are just lvl 70, sad.

server wont survive weekend, you should make it long-term instead and pay only for exp boost and mounts etc.

donation sets just destroy server. im out
See? It didnt even survive the weekend, it lasted for two days and what did you get? a few hundred bucks?

Post the same server without the donation shit and it would actually be fun, the map is fresh and interesting.

And now we remember the name "Trapera" so next time you wanna money grab for two days only half the pop will join and next time after that even half of that.

Just do it right this time and re-launch without donation items.

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