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[Poland] [8.00] Oldera | Edited Lifetime Karmia x1| Start 26/05/2023 at 18:00 CEST

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shit server, alot lags, alot bugs, autoloot is paid and dont work I do not recommend it!
Lags has been fixed, autoloot is working well you just don’t follow instructions.

We have more players today then yesterday. If you like rpg servers I invite you to try out ours!

We hope that the community will grow up with time.
We are changing the exp stage because we understood that from 50 level, the exp is too fast and we don’t want to create a too big distance between low and high levels.

Also, we are making exp faster till lvl 8 for the new furure players that want to join Oldera.

Here’s the stage that will be active from tomorrow:

Min: 1 - Max: 7 = x6
Min: 8 - Max: 100 = 2
Min: 101 - Max: 140 = 1.5
Min: 141 = 1

There will also be an balance update of content and mechanics. We want to adapt them more to low levels (bosses, daily tasks etc..) this update will be alive on Thursday

Dear Olderians,

All important news and updates are communicated on our Discord.

Be sure to join to be up to date.

Recently we changed the Exp Stage.

We will also make few balance changes of the gameplay (more info on discord).

Also, we are making a 7 days PACC Lottery on our Discord and if you don't win you will receive 2 extra PACC days.

Oldera Team

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