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[Poland] [10.98] Twinstone RPG, custom map (public beta 2023-10-16)

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Oct 20, 2019
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Welcome to the Twinstone thread!​

Twinstone is a new custom RPG/PVP using client 10.98. The server is in beta since 2023-10-16, the purpose of the beta is to collect feedback on the gameplay in order to improve it for the launch.

The server is in beta and therefore your feedback is required, please fill in this form in order to provide feedback

General Information:

IP: Twinstone.net
Port: 7171
Client: 10.98
Host location: Poland

Twinstone rates:​

Magic rate: 10x
Skill rate: 20x
Loot rate: 3x
Experience rates:
Level 1 to 29: 25x
Level 30 to 49: 20x
Level 50 to 74: 15x
Level 75 to 94: 10x
Level 95 to 119: 5x
Level 120 to 149: 3x
Level > 150: 2x


  • Custom map
    Unique custom map created from scratch, no downloads. The map consists of one mainland and will expand into multiple continents eventually.
  • Travel system
    When a location is discovered (a spawn e.g.) you will unlock the location and then be able to travel there with a travel NPC for a fee, you can always travel back to temple with an adventurer's stone as long as you are not in battle.
  • Attribute system:
    You will receive tokens by spending time online and doing tasks, these tokens can be exchanged to attributes that will strengthen your character. The attributes are increase regeneration, experience, movement speed, critical hit and reflection.
  • Power-ups:
    When a monster is killed it will yield a chance to drop a power-up, the first player to step on the power-up will receive a temporary attribute boost. The stronger the creature the stronger the boost.
  • Task system:
    Five tasks can be active at the same time and are managed by a NPC, if a task is completed the player will be rewarded with experience, gold, boss points and tokens. Boss points can be used to see various bosses and tokens can be used for the attribute system.
  • Monster level system:
    When a monster is spawned it will have a level between 1 and 5, the higher the level the stronger the monster will be and the more reward (loot and experience) it will yield. When a monster is level 1 it has the original strength and reward.
  • Charms:
    When a charm is kept in a container that is held by a player, the charm's attributes will boost the character. The charms will boost the attributes of the character, only one charm of each type can be carried and the charms are split into three strengths: weak, strong and ultimate. Task bosses drop charms.
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First thing I noticed, there is no download possible.
You are expecting people to have the resources themselves?