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[Poland][7.92 / Custom] Dragoncores 16-03-2024 20:00

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Nov 20, 2018
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Greetings Dragons!

Dragoncores.online is a new server based on version 7.92, ensuring much smoother and better gameplay!
We also pride ourselves on truly excellent PvP balance, which has been specially tested by individuals involved in beta testing and eager to collaborate.
We can also boast of interesting and unique systems and events.
We are open to your suggestions and proposals; this is the first edition of this server, so we strive to listen to players' feedback.​


Start: [16.03.2024, Saturday 20:00].
Client 7.92: Windows and Android. !HERE!
PvP: Level 50.
Houses: Level 100.
Stamina: Yes
More information !HERE!

Dragon offers a low difficulty level in experience gain, providing variety in the leveling process.
PvP balance has been thoroughly tested and adjusted to players' expectations.​

Systems we can offer:
Market System in Depot
Task System Built Into Our Client
Event Systems
And much more, you'll have to check it out for yourselves!​

Special Offer: Create an account on our website and dragonsWiki by Friday and receive free points!​

Zrzut ekranu 2024-03-12 100026.pngThe map is based on Karmia map, Enigma etc. We added a custom monsters, places. We are using our client based on OTClient, where everybody have a equal chance to bot (bot is limited to cave bot purpose for exping) and protected from abused scripting.
We add several news addons. Items with buffs, and pollen with buffs for the character. Death stage, bless system what's rare on this kind of engine.


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The presentation of the server in the video is the best. Mort hurs despite the magic wall? what?