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  1. mRefaat

    [Germany] [8.60] OxygenOT | RPG/PVPE | NEW EVO | Wednesday 04-11-2020 11:00 GMT

    Hello, I would like to invite you all to join our new season of OxygenOT! Here you are some information about the OT: Login information: IP: oxygenot.com Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Create account: HERE Server information: Exp rate: Stages Loot rate: x2 Skills rate: x30 Magic rate: x25...
  2. Morrison

    [America][12.51] Razgard Adventures [Global][PvP]

    Hello Otlanders! today I will open my new server, the differences it has with other servers are Attack, Defense and Health x2 to all Monsters, and rates like real tibia x1, i'm bored that in tibia you can level up fast, i miss those days where it was difficult to kill a dragon and reach level 20...
  3. JayMeazy


    START 9/19/2020 16:00 EST GMT-4 Connection Details: Site: Xilux-OTS (https://xilux-ots.com) Ip: xilux-ots.com Client: Custom 10.98 (12.4) or OTCv8 with Xilux edit is avaiable Additional Details: Some additional Information: PVP-E + players can drop orbs Orbs drop 1.5% of the...
  4. K

    [Canada][8.6] Retro-Styller - LAUNCH: 9/14/20 | 500+ ONLINE [ENG][BR]

    LAUNCHED September 14th, 2020 (9/14/20) IP Retro-Styller.com Dedicated 24horas! Version 8.60 Server ONLINE! Player Online 513 UpTime 9h 57m Monster 28845 Server Salve 7:00 Hours (BRTIME) Host Location: USA Rates Rates Experience Stages From Level To...
  5. Zeelex

    [NA] [8.0 - 8.1] [PerfectTibia] - Real Map & Custom 500+ PLAYERS - Fully scripted , Old Style Gameplay

    Welcome to Perfect Tibia We realized that long ago, Tibia made continuous wrong decisions. Cipsoft failed to improve the gameplay, and made tibia easier and less meaningful with every update they released. However not everything was terrible, some sprites, spells, mechanics and quests were...
  6. Deadjim

    ROTS - Return of the saiyans fanmade gameplay trailer

  7. Extrodus

    [USA] [8.6] Blazera - Real Map, New Cities, Custom Features & more

    Website: Latestnews - Blazera (http://blazera.ddns.net) IP: blazera.ddns.net Port: 7171 The server is currently in testing phase after switching to a new source. Lots of new systems and mechanics have been added and we would like to make sure everything is working before we launch. Server...
  8. alessyasdream

    [USA] [CUSTOM 7.6] ALESSYA'S DREAM - Opening 06/07/2020 (17:00 GMT+1)

    adream.wtf (It is important to join our discord, as any new changes will be noticed from there) Brave adventurer! Are you ready to start a journey you'll ever remember? It's time to re-visit the game of your childhood with a complete new revamp adapting it to the modern times we live in. Think...
  9. bury

    [France] [8.6] - Oraclum | Edited RL map | opening 19/06/2020 - 18.00 CET |

    ~Ip~: oraclum.net ~Port~: 7171 ~Client~: Tibia 8.60 ~Uptime~: 24/7 ~Hosted in~: France, on a dedicated server with 100 mbits Internet connection, i7 6700k and 32 GB RAM* ~Website~: Latestnews - Oraclum ~Exp rate~: Stages ~Server Info~: Server Info ~Forum~: Forum ~Map~: Edited RL + custom cities...
  10. xbaconghostx

    [Canada] [9.1] [Custom-Rookgaard] RookTales RPG [10 years+ creating/balancing]

    RookTales RPG IP: rooktales.ddns.net Port:7171 Client:9.1 RookTales is a custom Rookgaard experience. It is geared towards players of old tibia, Rookstayers and players on a budget. My server is 100% free, all content is obtainable in game. no pay to win. In Rooktales you will experience...
  11. Svira

    [POLAND][8.6 customized] HRate Global started 26may!

    Page: www.tibia86.eu IP: tibia86.eu Port: 7171 Welcome to the best installment of Tibia 8.6! You will see here an amazing map you feel sentimental about! New Systems to diversify PVP, you need to think carefully about character development! Fast attack, New spells and challenges are just...
  12. Xampy

    [Sweden] [8.60] Titania Global RL Map

    ear Tibians, A new world has arrived. TITANIA GLOBAL 8.60 RL MAP OPEN-PVP WELCOME TO TITANIA SERVER! IP: tibia86.com Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.60 Website: https://tibia86.com 💪🏻 EXP STAGES 👊🏻 🦯 🗡 🪓 🏹 🛡 SKILLS STAGES 🧙🏻‍♀️ ✨ MAGIC LEVEL 💰 LOOT RATE FEATURES: 🏠⛵👗🏅 FREE PLAYERS ARE...
  13. kozmo

    [USA] [12.30] Over-Time | Real Map | PVP

    Over-Time - Real Map Connection Information: IP: overtime.sytes.net Port: 7171 24/7 Dedicated Hosting Client: 12+ Download our custom client on the website! Server Rates: Exp Staged: 300x - 2x Skill: 55x Magic: 30x Loot: 2x Server Information: For more information...
  14. N

    [Sweden] [8.60] Kingstonsot | STARTED |EVO PVP

    We would like to give you a warm welcome to KingstonsOT ¤ (Server Info)¤ IP: kingstonsots.com Version: 8.6 ¤ Port: 7171 ¤ Uptime 24/7 ¤ Skill Rate: 35x ¤Magic Rate: 25x ¤ Loot Rate: 3x ¤ Pvp-e/pvp RateExperienceFromPlayers = 2 ¤ Custom Spells ¤ Custom Monsters/Bosses ¤ 95% Custom ¤...
  15. J

    [Poland] [8.0] Trapera [07.02 - 19:00 CET]

    IP: Trapera.net Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.0/custom modified client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland Website: https://trapera.net/ Exp stages(can be changed): 1 - 8: 20x 9 - 20: 8x 21 - 40: 6x 41 - 60: 5x 61 - 80: 4x 81 - 100: 3x 101 - 150: 2.5x 151 - ∞: 2x Map: Karmia, it contains 1 main city...
  16. ond

    [France] [7.4] Divinum | War-server

    Hello. Some of you might recognize who me and @Kaspar are. If not; we are two friends that used to host a war-server that some people enjoyed spending their time on. Well... We are back, and we are now launching our premium 7.4 based war-server. Our server is not suitable for everyone, since...
  17. Sparkles

    [Norway] [8.60] Sparkle OT

    Alright! After being in development since May, 2019 im happy to announce that Sparkle OT is going OPEN BETA! Even though I feel like we are finished with this server, there is still ALOT of untested things. Which is why we are going open beta before release. However, players that are playing the...
  18. alessyasdream


    Welcome to Alessya's Dream 22 of November - Account's reset Hello everyone! Do you know ADream? Alessya's Dream (ADream) was born in 2006, based on a 7.6 version of OTS (yourots), with a massive original map, a unique story and new features. It was in constant development until 2010. We are...
  19. N

    [CANADA] [7.6] Old Camora

    Welcome to Old Camora! Server in Canada 24/7 Dedicated Server IP: oldcamora.com website: www.oldcamora.com client version: 7.6 Server Port: 7171 Rates 1-20 = 4x 21-80 = 3x 81-250 = 2x 251+ = 1x Skills 3x ml 1x loot 2x Camora is a RPG game based on new quest creation and new quests. here free...
  20. d0gw4r

    [BRAZIL] [12.00] Old Rush Global Server

    Dear user, we're here to invite you to play on Old Rush Server. >>SITE<< Server Details: Global Map Unlimited duration for Spectral Bolt and Diamond Arrow Non-Infinite Runes, Potions and Ammo Host BR EXP Bonus for Client 12 Rates by Stages Shop In-Game 24h Online! Suports Client 10 and 12...