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  1. Competitibia

    [U.K] [7.4X] [Competitibia] [03/02/2023] [Custom Real-Map] [Season 1] [Resets in 2 Weeks]

    Boats added back. Introduction I came into 2023 with an Idea of a fresh start. It is a new beginning and tought to myself. Oh how hard is it to find people to fight with. There is not a lot of war servers anymore and only a few do what they promise. But in the end people stop playing and some...
  2. DillyLingus

    [USA] [10.10] Lonely Island [CUSTOM] - [Real Map]

    IN-GAME ACCOUNT MANAGER: 1/1 IP: lonelyisland.zapto.org Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 10.10 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Canada, Dedicated Server Website/Account: Login using in-game account manager 1/1 Exp rate: [STAGED] Level 1-50 = x250 Level 51-100 = x190...
  3. zDeluxe

    TFS 0.X Spells attacking players with no target

    Hello, I have a 0.3.6 server that for some reason, when you use an attack spell, it will attack other players when they are not being targeted. I currently have to use a command that turns PvP on and off to ensure that players can quest together without accidently killing each other. Because of...
  4. frankfarmer

    [US] [7.4] TibiaScape ⭐️ New Servers 26th of November ⭐️

    Account Management - TibiaScape (https://tibiascape.com/) Join the TibiaScape Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/jG5XBbZSpq)
  5. maykelotmaker

    [France] [7.72] Zajawka

    Are you looking for promising OT which will not die in 2 weeks and will provide you Tibian nostalgia again? We are glad to present you new oldschool OT Website: Latest News- 7.72 Retro tibia server (http://zajawka.org/?news) About the server: -Client 7.72(Own client) -Port 7171 -PVP (PVP-e in...
  6. tibera

    [BRAZIL][7.4] Thirania Online

    Welcome to Thirania 7.4! SERVER OPENS - 09/07/2022 IP: Custom client Website: http:/thirania.online/ Features: » All 7.4 Quests/missions/tasks. » Balanced vocations, spell damages from 7.4 has been slightly tweaked in order to enhance this. » All of the raids that existed back in the days...
  7. frenetik


    A new server is born, for old school, nostalgic and hardcore RPG lovers, we present Senera OTserver 7.4. A server based entirely on the old versions of Tibia, without pay to win, only the ability of each person walking on these challenging lands counts. Enter the lands of Senera and complete...
  8. H

    [Canada] [8.6] Hazlan

    Welcome to Hazlan (SERVER STARTS ON SUNDAY 15 AT 15:00 GMT-5) IP: hazlan.sytes.net VERSION: 8.6 MAP: Pazzur (old ~2010) UPTIME: 24/7 WORLDTYPE: PvP We have the following systems * Monsters of the days (Three monsters) * Casino * Daily Task * Guide * Double Experience *...
  9. wearetibia

    [CANADA] [Custom / 8.0] WeAreDragons LOWRATE

    WAD Lowrate v.1 Launch Core changes to the gameplay: -Lowered rates - check here -Removed item sets from store -Divided PVP Attack speed by /2 ( max 1.5 attacks per turn ) -Nerfed and balanced all sets statistics, and made them increase steadily, no more huge jumps in power -Added many new...
  10. levip

    Which version of tibia was the best pvp?

    Hello guys, I would like to ask a question that is important to me.
  11. potinho

    TFS 0.X Ban excessive killing - How?

    There's a way to ban with excessive injust kills? I put some config on config.lua, but only getting red skull, not banned. fragsLimit = 24 * 60 * 60 fragsSecondLimit = 7 * 24 * 60 * 60 fragsThirdLimit = 30 * 24 * 60 * 60 fragsToRedSkull = 5 fragsSecondToRedSkull = 15 fragsThirdToRedSkull = 25...
  12. J

    [Sweden] [8.60] Highland | RL/Custom

    Hello! This is our first OT server. We've been working on it for quite a while and would like to test it. All feedback on how we can improve the server is more than welcome. Thanks! :D IP: highland.zapto.org Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.60/own client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Sweden Website...
  13. C

    [USA] [12.72] Ruthless Nights - real map with some custome content, brand new!

    https://discord.gg/wQBgdTJpZy Brand New Pvp Server! 12.72 Client (Based on OTBR) Real Map with some custom content! Working Quests Online Trainers Gain stamina in pz and in trainers 24/7 Uptime (SS 6am EST) Spells are given free and automatically to the player Active Staff (also will be looking...
  14. F

    [France] [Custom / 10.98]❄️Frozeria❄️Starts 12th December 2021!🥶

    ❄️Frozeria Launch 12th December 2021 [15:00 GMT+1]❄️ ⚔️War&RPG Server⚔️ 🖥️Website: Frozeria.net🖥️ 📜Features📜 ✅100+ Tasks (With special designed bosses) ✅Daily/Weekly Quests and Missions ✅Events PvP&RPG ✅100% Custom Map ✅500+ Custom Monsters ✅AI Designed bosses with boss mechanics ✅Crafting...
  15. Svira

    [Poland] [12.0] Lua Global - 03/09/2021!

    Welcome to a unique server with an edited real map for protocol 12.0! We have added many improvements and novelties that will make the game fun for hours! In short: we have created a unique server with you in mind! The proprietary battle-eye ensures that the game is fair and automatically...
  16. D

    [Poland][Custom / 10.98] DBKO Remastered | 03.09.2021 | Dragon Ball |

    IP: Latest News - DBKO Remastered (https://dbko.net/) Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 10.98/Custom own client Uptime: 24/7 03.09.2021 Rates: Medium Map: Custom | Dragon Ball Server type: PVP / PVP-E / RPG Fanpage: DBKO Online (https://www.facebook.com/dbkoonline) Discord: Join the DBKO Online...
  17. R

    [USA][8.60] MarlboroWars ★ START 06 AUG 15:00 (GMT-5) ★ WAR HIGH EXP ★ GLOBAL HOST

    Server will start at 06 August 15:00 GMT-5 (countdown on website) Welcome to our server! Marlboro Wars it's a server well-known on North and Latin America, so feel free to create your account. About the server: A good war server type "High Level" - out of the ordinary, a place where you can...
  18. anyeor

    [France] [7.92] Globera OTS | 1v1 PvP Balanced | Custom Evolution - Start 02.07.2021

    Start on 02 July 2021! We can proudly present the long-awaited server, Globera OTS, the ultimate and outstanding world, remade in a completely new style. Every its component was prepared by the professional staff. As one of the few, Globera is kept in the Role Playing Game climate. All...
  19. Anticus

    [France] [7.4] Anticus | PvP-enforced | High Rate | Real Map | Countdown at the website | Starting SOON (29/5)

    www.anticus.org World Type: PvP-enforced. (Difference between attacker level and victim must be less than 75% to gain experience points) Rates: High Anticus.org is a high rate Tibia 7.4 real map server running on client 7.72 for maximum performance. PvP-enforced and leveling on a faster pace...
  20. glydeforce

    [ENG] Project Mera 12.64 Realmap - Vanillaish Rates - PVP - Dedicated Server - 24/7

    Project Mera is a new English Open PvP 12.64 Global OT Launched on 5/6/2021, Mera's development is driven by players and developers have designed the server as a NO "Pay to Win" server. When you enter our world you find a tight-knit community of players committed to having a fun and legitimate...