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[Poland][8.6] Evorius Hard Evolution [Custom Map] Start 15.07 19:00

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May 1, 2017
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Evorius.org - Hard Evolution Server
(custom map, low stages)

15.07 - 19:00

Project info:
  • A very powerful and fast dedicated server with powerful parameters,
  • A very carefully made project from zero,
  • A server designed for a very long game, so that it does not get bored after a week!
  • New islands, items and monsters,
  • Guild Wars system + !guildpoints command for active players and more!

  • Automatic task system,
  • Manual task system (Grizzly Adams) + boss room,
  • Lottery system every 3 hours,
  • Automatic player save every 1 hour,
  • Second promotion from 150 lvl,
  • New spells, summons for everyone,
  • Daily Rewards system,
  • Stamina refill for points or crystal coins,
  • Public death channel (player was killed by name),
  • Level rewards for vocations and more!

Frag system:
Red Skull (5 frags)
Black Skull (8 frags)
(We have reduced the amount of frags at the request of the players)

- Demon Helmet Quest,
Demon OAK Quest,
  • Annihilator Quest,
  • Annihilator 2 Quest,
  • The Inquisition Quest,
  • Pits of Inferno Quest,
  • Koschei Quest,
and 100+ more big quests!

More information:
  • The server was created by experienced evo players from 8.60,
  • Possibility to collect event token from events and exchange them for valuable items or addon dolls,
  • Possibility to collect premium coins from events and exchange them for premium points in shop,
  • Possibility to collect addons by creature products from monsters,
  • Automatic interactive raids with bosses and custom monsters with very rare items!

Server information:
IP: evorius.org
Port: 7171
Client: 8.60

Server information + stages
Create new account
Check photos
Join to discord
Evorius facebook

mobile player? no problem!
[ Evorius supports Android Client ]

Photos from Evorius:
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you have nothing to write here, you pull out some old topics, how many times do I have to write here that no one was cheated, I did not get anything, the client did not send the goods, I never got a ban, so stop fucking stupid things because it is already pathetic. good luck with the new server with 10 players cheers.
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Read this and go cry again.
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Dear players!

We just released a new update to the Evorius Server. We encourage everyone to read what has changed with us.

  • - We have added a BOOST System which allows you to gain more experience from monsters and which increases the chance of dropping rare items,
  • - We have added more quests available for everyone to spice up your game as much as possible. Everyone will find something for himself!,
  • We have added more hunting places for everyone, you will find very large and developed hunting grounds,
  • - We've added a choice of 3 new addons for everyone, and much more!

Offical start date: 15.07 19:00
Create account: Evorius.org - Hard EVO (http://evorius.org/register.php)
(first 50 account will get free points before start)

Join to discord:

See you on Evorius Hard Evo!

Hello everyone! Today we will make next update!

Whats new?
  • New forgotten island with custom monsters.
  • New items and set for players 150 lvl+
  • Some new spells for everyone,
  • Events has been modifed to better,
  • New boss on 130 lvl has been added.
  • Premium City have a new depo and some places!

See you on Evorius 15.07 19:00
2 days left!

We invite everyone to follow the news on our website, there are less than 2 days left to the start! Join us player!

WEB: Evorius.org - Hard EVO (http://evorius.org/)
DISCORD: Join the Evorius.org - Hard Evolution Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/HUBCVmWm8q)

The counter broke through 50 accounts created. thank you! check what's new for you on our website, WE START TOMORROW at 19:00


24 HOURS TO START: Evorius.org - Hard EVO (http://evorius.org/)
Create account here: Evorius.org - Hard EVO (http://evorius.org/register.php)
Join to discord, today we will send all info about server new/changed before start.

See you on Hard EVORIUS!​


@everyone Dear players, I would like to thank you first of all for coming here to Discord and being interested in the Evorius project. I note in advance that this project is completely pimped out and the map is huge, it cannot be compared to the old version of Evorius, it is a completely new, better and more stable project for longer gameplay. The project is made for low stage gameplay so it's going to be tough!

I present general information:
  • Over 60 tasks for various monsters, 9 of them give you the option to kill the boss after performing a task,
  • Mega large exp places, a total of over 90 of them! Everyone will find something for himself,
  • 5 interesting events with their own interesting map,
  • Second Vocation from 150 lvl, costs 150k,
  • Facc = premium | premium = vip,
  • Each profession has an increased fast attack (little) (ek/rp have most),
  • Every vocation have two summons each, one from 40 lvl, second from 150 lvl (you need second promotion),
  • For collecting tasks, you get points for which you can access trade with NPC Grizzly,
  • All events are done automatically, it comes out about 4-5 times per day of one event. From events, we can win event coins for which we can exchange at the shopkeeper for an addon doll or premium coins for which we can exchange points in the sms shop.

hotkeyAimbotEnabled = true
protectionLevel = 25
killsToRedSkull = 5
killsToBlackSkull = 7
removeChargesFromRunes = true
removeChargesFromPotions = true
removeWeaponAmmunition = true
removeWeaponCharges = true
experienceByKillingPlayers = false
housePriceEachSQM = 2000
houseRentPeriod = "never"

1 - 25 x5
26 - 55 x4
56 - 100 x3
101 - 999 x2


!aol (50k)
!bless (50k)
!addon (addon doll) - you need addon doll!
!shop - this will recive your order from sms shop!
!war - invite other guild to war!
!report - report other player!
!guild (red broadcast for leaders)
!guildpoints - (for active players, min lvl. 50) (each 24h active players with diffrent ips will get 20 premium points)
!kills - check your kills/frags
!serverinfo - check your rates!

House commands:
aleta sio
aleta som

13 hours left to start!!!​

Dear players! Start in 3 hours!
Create account now and join to Evorius Community.
(Competition can do its job, but we apologize to that in the ass)



Evorius Hard Evo [ LOW RATES ]
- Custom map, join to us!

Create account here!

3 hours left!​
I told you that this is a scam and so is the entire server administrator. There is no online number that people would not accuse him of betting an MC once again to raise the number online. I don't know what the server looks like and I don't give a shit about it, but I don't recommend going there because Salvart is just a cheat.
I told you that this is a scam and so is the entire server administrator. There is no online number that people would not accuse him of betting an MC once again to raise the number online. I don't know what the server looks like and I don't give a shit about it, but I don't recommend going there because Salvart is just a cheat.​
I don't know man if you have nothing to do in your life, that you are still stuck to my server. Yesterday, there was an official record of 38 players online, the server has the option of logging in only one character per account and making only one character per account. All the players who are supposedly 'AFK' as you say on the trainers are players who have fired spells + pots on afk and get magic level, each player has a real IP logged in. Now there are 30 people on the server, 19 of which are on exp, I recommend that you enter the server and exiva this players before you write another nonsense. Come and visit us, tonight there will be a new event for every player, the new ones will have the opportunity to get some levels and rare items.

Actually players on Trainers: 8.

Evorius.org - Hard EVO (http://evorius.org/register.php) - see you on Evorius!​
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dragons also flew in this fairy tale?
Sober up in the end, they can and will fly, go to Discord, play with people, you will find out if dragons fly in this fairy tale.

Evorius update 18/07/22

  • Dear players, today's update will add a few new hunting grounds for each level,
  • Changing the current monster / loot in the BOOST System,
  • Autoloot system has been added, !autoloot - command,
  • We are working on new quests and items for level 150,
  • We are adding a few interesting bosses to complete only in the team,
  • We will improve the stability and performance of the game a little,
  • A new NPC will be added where you can buy Stamina Refill with in-game money and you can exchange new coins with him, which will only drop from new monsters.
  • Added a new NPC 'Rich Hunter' he will buy all your creature products.

Stay updated!
Your Evorius!


Today new update!
See you on Evorius OTS

Dear players!

Iwould like to announce an official competition for the most beautiful
and creative house on the Evorius server. The competition will run until
20:00 tomorrow. Please send photos on Discord (priv) - 3 people are

Award for 1st place in addon doll + stamina refill
Award for 2nd place addon doll
Award for 3rd place in stamina refill

Start now!
Good luck Evorians!


See you on Evorius!



- All current exp places have been reworked and made difficult in such a way as to encourage players to party and collect tags in the party, I also remind you of the 20% vocation bonus for each different vocation,

- All level gates on available hunting places have been removed, except for the rare and boss ones,

- Various exp sites have been replaced with other monsters(other from current), because rather nobody will be expanding on them because they are monsters from POI Quests etc,

- We fixed many bugs with getting money, namely those with monsters and NPCs. Thanks to our players, we are able to make this server perfect and really hard,

- All black knights hunting places have been converted to Fury hunting places,

- We improved the weapon stats for paladins, the evorius star is now more powerful, the assassin star has been added to the store 100 = 10k, the infernal bolt has been slightly weakened, but is still the strongest, 100 = 20k,

- We've improved the mage damage a bit, and we're constantly trying to improve the character balance on the server,

- 8 new hunting grounds for low-level players have been added (dwarfs,goblins,skeletons,larvas,ghouls,centipedes, gazers and carrion worms.

See you on Evorius OTS!
or discord: Join the Evorius.org - Hard Evolution Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/ymMk7axwde)
Dear players! New update!

- All possible hunting grounds have been moved to one place, another floor has been added to Evorius Hunting Rooms,

- We fixed the option to buy second vocation, in the next update tomorrow we will add new spells for these vocations,

- We've reworked the hunting room, threw away more unused monsters, and added others that we hope you'll like,

- Several bugs have been fixed on the map and in the game, we are still trying to make the game as smooth and stable as possible,

- Since the hunting grounds have been moved, premium players will have a new privilege! You'll find out about all of this in tomorrow's update,

- Added 2 new custom monsters with very good loot! (prefer 150lvl+) you can drop evorius coins and exchange for rare items.

see you on Evorius.org - Hard EVO (http://evorius.org)

Dear players!

Weekend double XP has been activated!
see you on Evorius.org - Hard EVO (http://evorius.org/)

Hello dear players,
today at 20:30 GMT +1 evorius server will have big update, xp boost xp still activated, create account now!

today we changed our website:

FireShot Capture 002 - Evorius.org - Hard EVO - evorius.org.png

See you on Evorius!​

New big update on Evorius! 30+ hunting areas on premium zone + new bosses, today next update with new custom spells for second promotion (150+) and new items for everyone! Stay updated!


http://evorius.org/ - join to us!
(weekend xp boost activated - party bonus voc works fine - task count in party works fine)

See you on Evorius Hard Evolution.​

Dear Evorians!
spells for players with second promotion now avaiable on server!

Fire Wizard:
exevo gran mas death
exevo death hur

Ice Cleric:
exevo gran mas ice
exevo holy hur

Dark Archer:
exevo energy san

Blood Warrior:
exori blood

Req. 150 lvl + second promotion + better exp stage.
See you on Evorius OTS http://evorius.org

New update on Evorius!

Dear players! new retro citizen addons for premium players! + cipsoft client has been blocked, you need use offical client from our website http://evorius.org/downloads.php - weekly updates, auto-updater, custom outfits, items and monsters!