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[Poland][7.92 / Custom] Permenia based on iconic map Karmia

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Feb 5, 2016
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Permenia.net is starting on FRIDAY 19:00
We are proudly invate to our server where you can find a different look on the game. 1701892080256.pngWe build for the decade a server from players feedback. We still using old version but fixed engine, classical server Evolution 0.7.8 - everything what on others servers are disabled in our server are activated and works fine without any debug, crashs and lags. We repaired performance, walking and generally gameplay. Check on your own!

The map is based on Karmia map, Enigma etc. We added a custom monsters, places. We are using our client based on OTClient, where everybody have a equal chance to bot (bot is limited to cave bot purpose for exping) and protected from abused scripting.
We add several news addons. Items with buffs, and pollen with buffs for the character. Death stage, bless system what's rare on this kind of engine.

We added couple of events Zombie event, Firestorm event, Bonus exp event, Legendary four event, Boss ferumbras. Task system with updated quest log for better information players.
Legendary four is very powerful raid of bosses, where you can find a very rare and valuable things.


The most important thing on our server is free to play, everything what you see in item shop you can achieve in game from looting from monsters items, changing it, dealing with it.

System of pollen

This is a kind of pollen which you can stack on your character, you can stack your for better dmg, absorbing dmg from players and monsters, stacking pollen for better experience from monsters, stacking to extend a maximum of your mana, hp and speed. Like you read, it's very powerful so what it's not too easy to achieve it. You have to make a missions, collect a items and most important speaking with NPC to make more knowledge about it!

Much more informations about it you can read on our pages -> Permenia.NET - 7.92 (http://permenia.net/pylki)



IP: Permenia.net
Port: 7171
Client: Custom 7.92 (download on website Permenia.NET - 7.92 (https://permenia.net/downloads/?subtopic=downloads))
Hosted: OVH servers France
Map: Edited Karmia Map with custom monsters, places
Exp: 30 - 1x
Drop: 2x
Skill: 6x
Magic: 2x
Server type: Pvp-Rpg
Exp for the killing players (protected max 1 - 2 lvl for killing based on your level, victim level and stage)

On friday we will be update a map on the website to be the latest version.


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The name of this server is based on the drug for erectile dysfunction - Permen, because when you play on it you get hard?

The name of this server is based on the drug for erectile dysfunction - Permen, because when you play on it you get hard?

Of course, every player who is playing on our server have a get hard erectile, the best medicine for weakness..

We added the latest map on website, check out there Permenia.NET - Mapa (https://permenia.net/pages/map_viewer/)

Permenia.net is started now, 50 players on start! Come to play with us.
Waste of time. Exp Scrolls and Exp rings "The most important thing on our server is free to play"
Vip medal you can achieve by the game, looting items as well exp scrolls. -> Npc Adam
Exp rings you can gain from bosses, events (firestorm, zombie event).
New edition Permenia.NET starting on FRIDAY 5.04.2024
On new edition we added
  • pvp event, players divided on two teams and make a war, fragging to 250 kills or 10 minutes, winner is the team with most frags.
  • added some custom bosses,
  • added some new custom location and quest
  • remaked task system that automatically when you kill task monster then you reward task point like example killing demon then you automate gain 3 task points with 0 command to start it..
  • daily task on every day you collect 3 various task
  • new spells
  • raids bosses where you can collect unique currency to exhange for valuable items
The most recent map you can see on this url: Permenia.NET - Mapa (https://permenia.net/pages/map_viewer/#zoom,13,position,522,572,7)

Everything what you see in item shop you can acheive from playing on the game, from the task system, from the quests, from looting etc.
From events you can also achieve tokens, experience, items..
There is also in game more power item than in item shop.

If you played on previous edition and account exists in database on previous then you will have all points recover to this edition.
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Waste of time. Pay to win server, with a lot of bugs/lags.