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[Poland][8.6] Rezoria - [10.11.2023 - 18:00]

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Nov 4, 2023
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Today I present to you the server Rezoria.eu ! This is an EVOLUTION | MEDIUM EXP | 4FUN/PVP server.
Rezoria.eu boasts a really excellent PvP balance, which has been specially tested by those involved in beta testing and willing to cooperate,
We can also boast of interesting and unique systems and events.
We are open to your suggestions and proposals, this is the first edition of this server, so we try to listen to the comments of players.
Server running the latest TFS version for a much smoother gameplay!
Server Start: [10.11.2023, Friday 18:00 CET].
Website: Rezoria.eu.
Client: Windows & Android.
PvP: from 100 lvl .
Houses: from 150 lvl.
Stamina: YES.
Frags to RS: 10 per day.
Frags to BS: 25 per day.
What can we offer?
○ Many updates!
○ Many missions!
○ Many events!
○ Good and interesting game!
○ Many raids, we have rooms with lvl ranges.
○ Long term game with many players!
○ Excellent PvP balance!
○ Automatic events, as well as those organized by the administration!
○ Masses of hidden exps, bosses and other interesting things!
○ Automatic roulette system win the best weapons on the server.
○ Fights for a castle for which the guild gets 10% extra experience!
○ Hidden bosses for which 4 people are required!
○ Payable exps!
○ The best items to get only from the game!
○ More than 140 quests!
○ Custom spells with nice effects.
That's not all, join us and explore much more.

◘ Proprietary dungeon system. Perform in 4 people every 20 hours and you will receive unique items.
◘ Meditation system. For standing in depo you get free stamine!
◘ Guild war castle. Fights for a castle for which the guild gets 10% extra experience!
◘ Points for level. Earn more levels and get free points for the store!
◘ Daily quest system. Perform daily and you will receive free levels and other interesting magnifiers
◘ Proprietary boss system. Gain access by completing npc missions and earn unique magnifiers!
◘ Token system. Every logged in player gets a token every hour for which you can buy unique items!
◘ System upgrade. The system is based on inserting a pebble into an item that draws us a bonus such as mana or hp.
And much more, you have to check it out for yourself!
We have decided to giveaway points to the Guild as well. Learn more here.
You can also earn free points in many other ways such as:
★ An hour after the launch, every logged-in player will receive premium points
★ For the first 2 hours after the launch, the Lottery will take place every 30 minutes!
★ Points for level up more here!
ITEM-SHOP items can be obtained in the game!
On our server you will find events such as Battlefield, Fire Storm, Lottery, Stone Event, Snowball, Dreamgold and many more....
[Special Event - World]
It will be held every weekend.
What will it be?
invasion of the main server boss:
For defeating this boss, every player gets double the experience for x amount of time.
Several free levels and free premium points.
video (trailer) announcing the server.

Rezoria Banner ok.png
🚀 Rezoria launches in just 3 days!
💎 Create your account: Rezoria - 8.6 Open Tibia Server (https://rezoria.eu/?subtopic=createaccount)
💎 Join our Discord where free codes and more await: Join the Rezoria.EU Discord Server! (Join the Rezoria.eu Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/XT6Shkhk2h))
💎 Join our Facebook group: Community RezoriaEU | Facebook (Community RezoriaEU | Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1510194095834065))
🌍 Server IP: rezoria.eu
🔧 Client: 8.60
⏰ Start: 10 November, 2023 | Time: 18:00.
💎 Free points to start!
★ Accounts created by 10.11.23 will receive 3d days of Premium Access!
★ For the first 2 hours after the premiere, the Lottery will be held every 30 minutes!
★ An hour after the launch, every logged-in player will receive premium points.
★ Every day one account will be randomly drawn to receive a surprise from the administration. (All you have to do is create an account)
🎀 We also offer free points for helping advertise and prizes for the best players and guilds!
💻📱 Gameplay available on computers as well as phones!​
Homepage: Rezoria - 8.6 Open Tibia Server (https://rezoria.eu/)
Presentation: Join the Rezoria.eu Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/kugTKfYrKx)
Are you ready for a great adventure?
We would like to introduce you to the newly established Rezoria server
It was created with passion by players for players!
The server has many activities such as:
💥Castle War
💥Team expeditions to bosses
💥Many hidden locations (exp expansions, quests, bosses).
💥Extraordinary and daily quests
💥Events, such as (fire event, dream gold, battle).
💥World Boss
💥Payable exp expos
💥Daily Quests
These are just some of the many activities we can offer you
Rewards Online, Meditation, Autoloot, Boss system and much more!
Homepage: Rezoria - 8.6 Open Tibia Server (https://rezoria.eu/)
Discord: Dołącz do serwera Rezoria.eu na Discordzie! (https://discord.gg/hmmu7VFc5Z)
Grupa: Community RezoriaEU | Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1510194095834065)
You can find a description of the update at DISCORD
New changes and much more.
We launched a week ago our player record was 162 🎉 .
We are extremely pleased that you are so involved in the server. 🤝
We have prepared a lot of events and gifts for you today 🎁.
More details on our DISCORD.
Join us today and have fun together with us.


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