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[Poland][Custom] Road to Shinigami - Seson 8

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Mar 6, 2013
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16.02.2024 - 18:00 (CET)
Road to Shinigami - Bleach OTS (https://rtsonline.org/)
Discord: Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities (https://discord.gg/A4EVUwbN)


Road to Shinigami is an RPG Tibia server based on the anime Bleach. As the administration, we have tried to study the current needs of players to adapt the gameplay to all sorts of requirements from the lowest levels. We have been on the market for several years now and we always try to make our server as best as possible. In the presentation below we want to show you the most important elements of gameplay. We want to introduce you to a project in which we have invested a lot of work and heart. We believe that you will like it and appreciate all the work we have put into creating Road to Shinigami.


The owner, technician, and originator of the server is Rafaeru.
The people responsible for fine-tuning the gameplay are mainly the players of our server, long-time Tibia veterans as well as friends.
In addition, we cooperate with graphic designers, mappers, and scriptwriters known from other servers.


A huge priority for us was the smoothness of the gameplay. This season, we have further improved our game client and removed the option to play on the classic client. Many visual changes and quality-of-life improvements are still ahead of us.


The character progression this season is slower than before. We have introduced numerous small enhancements, allowing players to feel a sense of satisfaction from the game when dedicating time to character development. Examples include the reworked talent system, a new item system, and a revamped weapon system. Each player, after reaching level 800, automatically begins to gain Soul Levels known from other servers as "Reborn" while unlocking the character talent system, new locations, missions, skills, and items. Soul levels are gained much slower than the regular ones and thanks to this we move to the late game in which our equipment, skills, and game skills count more.


In Road to Shinigami, we can take on the role of one of 22 playable characters from the Bleach universe. We can develop each character according to our preferences, creating an incredible variety of builds.

Each character has its own talent tree, unique weapon, and special abilities.
You can read more about the characters here: Road to Shinigami - Bleach OTS (https://rtsonline.org/champions.php)

There is a unique weapon system in Road to Shinigami. Our initial weapon stays with us until the end of the game and we strengthen it along with our character by filling it with the souls of our enemies. As our weapon level increases, its stats increase and we unlock a special passive skill that is unique to each character.



After reaching level 800, every subsequent 100 soul levels will allow us to choose 1 out of 3 unique soul talents for our character.



Soul Artifacts are items that permanently strengthen our character, the chance of acquiring them is low but they give us powerful passive bonuses.



The system of creating items on the server is an important part of the game. Thanks to it, we will be able to create passes for dungeons, obtain food, items for faster skill development, and even playable characters.



Bosses from the previous edition have been replaced with special dungeons. Dungeons are short challenges that allow us to obtain powerful items. Additionally, a system has been implemented on the server, where each dungeon without acquiring an item gives us a bonus chance to obtain an item with each subsequent completed dungeon, helping to mitigate RNG to some extent.

Additionally, each dungeon has its Uber version that introduces new mechanics, posing a significant challenge even for the best players.



An important part of character development on our server is the rarity system, enhancement, and bonuses. Each item, depending on its rarity, has a specified number of bonuses and their values. Each upgrade of an item by 1 level increases its armor, maximum life, and damage. Additionally, in the later stages of the game, we will be able to corrupt our items, which is a popular mechanic in other games. Furthermore, on the server, we have 17 different item sets that provide bonuses when equipped in the appropriate quantity, allowing for various combinations.



All missions have been reworked compared to the previous season to provide players with a challenge before completing them and to offer appropriate rewards. Additionally, players can experience the story straight from the Shinigami world by following Ichigo's path.



On our server, you can choose whether you want to flag yourself as a PVP player. This provides an additional 20% experience from monsters, and you participate in the battle for the title of Kenpachi. This system selects the player with the highest number of kills (frags) and grants them a bonus to damage, maximum health, resistance to the sense technique, and increases experience gained by an additional 20%. Holding this title requires caution as it will be taken by the first person who kills you.



Thanks to the system of elite monsters on the server, there is a chance that after killing a monster, its elite variety will appear. Such an elite monster provides us with 8 times more experience points, and better loot, but also has more life points and its damage is higher. We can increase the chances of such monsters appearing by using a special boost or by adding bonus to our equipement.


Additionally, this season has seen improvements in mechanics such as collecting souls for weapons, guild bosses, raid bosses, and much more – but you'll have to check it out for yourself!
Unfortunately more P2W than ever before.

Artifact exclusive to gamble chests from shop, and bunch of other strong benefits.
Kinda sad as I always really liked the server.