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[France][7.4] Odenia Online - HELA 29th March 2024 / NEW SEASON HIGH RATE NO PAY2WIN

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Aug 11, 2007
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MARCH 29th - 6 PM (GMT+1) / 18.00

Welcome to Odenia Online, a reverse-engineered open tibia server that aims to achieve the long-lost feeling of a community that was lost somewhere along the path of Tibia. With us, what you see is what you get. We will be fully transparent in our development process, failures and communication.

Odenia Online attempts to allow for a diverse style of play. As we believe that our Client & Engine already provides everything needed for the ultimate PVP experience. Therefore, our focus lies in improving other parts of the game with a focus on Exploration, Social playstyles & the Community. Simply returning the game to the path Cipsoft left many years ago - while continuing to develop the game in a 7.4 fashion.

Our team has decades of combined experience in hosting, building, and managing successful servers. Along with our background outside of Open Tibia, we all come from different industries - such as working with game publishers, quality assurance testing, and AI.

We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges that come with hosting games and know how to optimize server performance to ensure smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

Server Rates:
Level 1 to level 10: 30x
Level 11 to level 20: 20x
Level 21 to level 30: 15x
Level 31 to level 40: 10x
Level 41 to level 60: 8x
Level 61 to level 80: 6x
Level 81 to level 100: 4x
Level 101 to level 110: 3x
Level 111+: 2x

New Content, Updates and Changes​

New key changes for this season is our new Shard system, which will help bolster the rune market.

New dungeons and a higher loot rate than previous seasons to help facilitate an action packed playstyle.

Most Quests are restored to their original state, while some have their original + additional rewards.

To give players less oriented towards war more of an endgame to play for, all seven seals within the Pits of Inferno are available to be solved. Some of their solutions have been altered to keep them fresh, but has also had their clues polished to give solving it a more fun and less convoluted experience.

There are a few new Mysteriandos available to be solved exclusively for Hela. Each of them with their own storyline, but their difficulty is very high. Do not expect to solve them within a week or two. Any unsolved Mysteriando will however remain unchanged in future seasons, so your hard work and any notes you make will still hold value even if you fail to solve it within a season.


Skills, Loot and Magic Level are all now using custom Odenia Systems and don't have conventional multipliers.

Skills and Magic Level both use a system that's optimized to make the skills and magic level follow more organically as the character levels so that your character has more appropriate skills for the level you're at.

The respawn time of spawns has been increased to further accustom the higher rates.

We have many new dungeons, holding unique items only obtainable from said dungeon. Some dungeons will be harder to access than others, so we look forward to see if you manage to figure them all out :)

Our Loot System has also been restructured, monsters drop more minor valuables like pearls and gems as well as other valuables like the vampires Emerald Bangle or the mummys Silver Brooch, they now have an actual value and can be sold for a reasonable amount.

NPCs also pay more for the loot you sell them, for those wishing to make lootbags. However in return, typically rare items like fancy armors are retaining most of their rarity, to make sure that it remains exciting to loot a Dragon Scale Mail or Mastermind Shield.​
Still dont understand why there is rook on a server like this
Odenia is still a realistic simulation ultimately, it's designed to become a low rate one day when it has been perfected and therefore has been built to encompass all the features, bits and parts of a 1x server. But has then been sped up for the Seasonal Hela servers with higher rates. That's why rook exists.

Technically, there also are quite a few secrets in Rookgaard and occassionally there are players who wants to simply enjoy rookgaard.

Either way, you should give it a try and it should feel fairly obvious to you. Unlike most traditional high rated servers, where a player easily can kill even rotworms with a mace in a few hits. Starting from the first rat you face at level 1, gameplay feels no different on Odenia compared to cipsoft tibia 7.4, the only difference is that the rat gives you 150 exp instead of 5 exp.
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Why am I banned from discord?
hope it succéd this time and that people give it a chance

all other server today is either pay 2 win
Or super lowrate
shame people dont give it a chance, its really fun. give it a try guys, wont really lose anything since its high rate
Season 2 was farily successful, even with rollbacks and problems. Then GM adds 50 days of prem to all accounts and says its coming to an end and want people to enjoy the last of the server, even when people bought prem roses to gather cash, which were useless afterwards. Player count still strong.

After the horrible ending of last version, he waited a "WHOLE MONTH" to launch another version, which ofc failed, and now again he launches yet another one, which failed again, inevitably.

Why would anyone bother? Server lost its credibility, waste of time

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