RECRUITMENT Gênesis Project *TFS 1.3*


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May 30, 2020
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Gênesis Project
The Genesis Project is a development project for an OTServer, with the theme of Poketibia, with the aim of bringing old players who do not find good servers to play with today, and new players who do not know Poketibia or Otservers yet.
  • We intend to start from scratch, thus creating a clean and updated base so that there are no future conflicts.
  • We have many innovative ideas to implement thus making Pokémon Genesis a different server from the others.
  • Project made with great care without the intention to profit from it as has been the majority lately.
  • Completely balanced system just like the official games in the franchise, but with some changes to adapt to Pokétibia
I am currently the only member of the team, so it has been very tiring to take care of all functions at the same time, and there are many things I still need to learn in this world of OTServers, so I am recruiting people for the team. For the time being I am not able to pay wages on a monthly basis but all kind of help from the heart is welcome.
* If you work with any function within the creation and maintenance of OTServers please leave your contact for future work when we have some funds *
We are mainly looking for people with experience in dealing with:
  • Programming in C++/LUA
  • OTClient
  • Sprites
  • Maps
  • Scripts

As it is a serious project the only requirements are:
  • Be over 16 years old
  • Discord for Communication
  • Time available to commit to the Project
Even if you do not meet the requirements of any of these areas and you were curious why you read this far, I will leave our contact at Discord at the end of the post, so that they can follow the project and give ideas for development.

I repeat as I said up there, * ALL HELP IS WELCOME *.
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Este Projeto é originalmente Brasileiro
This Project is originally Brazilian