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[South America] mtibia - 100% RL, 10.00, Prey, Embuiments, Retro Outfits, Otherworld, Ferumbras Asc


Mar 9, 2009
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Chile, Santiago

The proyect has around one year working, and has been online for about 10 months!

We have weekly/monthly updates, integrating new things and improving the player experience along the game.

Come and join us!

*Ip*: mtibia-global.com
*Port*: 7171

*Client*: Tibia 10.00 (own client) - Soon Tibia 11.48!
*Uptime*: 24/7
*Hosted in*: USA, on a dedicated server with 1 Gbps Internet connection.
*Website*: http://www.mtibia-global.com
*Exp rate*: 8x(Average)
*Map*: 100% RL, same access, same quests, same NPCs.
*Runes*: Normal charges and prices
*Loot rate*: 2x
*Server type*: Pvp-Rpg. Default 8.6 - System to choose your pvp: 7.4, 8.6 or 10.9X
*Skills & Magic rates*: 10x Skill and 5x Magic.

More Features:
~* Started at Monday 27 Feb, 20:00 GMT-4 (Santiago, Chile)

Here is another information about the Server:


This server is 100% RL with higher rates. So everything is ment to work as it is on CipSoft. Everything is balanced and you may use Tibia Wikia in order to answer your questions about Quest, Items, NPC, etc.

This means that we don't have custom items, custom maps. You just may find different boosters on our store in order to improve the time spent on the game while playing.

So our business model is focused on a "pay to save time" (PST) strategy. This means you don't need to pay money in order to progress on game or get access to different areas of the map. Unlike if you pay, you will save time gettings access to some areas and to some NPCs - by passing several Quests required - to increase your exp/hr during one hour of playing, refilling your potions and ammunition by passing NPCs. Also you may purchase unique outfits and mounts.

The lore of mtibia was studying CipSoft - vanilla - so deeply that we decided to base our gaming experience on:

Improving what was deficient: For example starting on game, which is really slow on vanilla. So we have staged experience rates regarding to your character level, and a few item working as example enchanting Werewolf Helmet, and a few other improvements.
Adding things:Just in Store on game - that were missing. For example we added Hot Cuisine Items, Ammunitions, NPC and Area Access, and a few others.
Removing all unnecessary stuff: Like doing Quest access to a few areas or NPC. Also disabling "smart-exit" which is a function properly to abuse.
We will guarantee you a fun and nice gaming experience.

Another important factor besides the gaming experience, is our customer support. We are intented to solve any problem - contacted via e-mail to [email protected] - in less than 24 hours, related laboral days. We will always give you an answer and in case we can, we will solve your problem. This means any purchase problem, or gaming experience problem likely bugs or problems.

So if you find any problem, don't hesitate to press CTRl+Z and make your reports, which they will be compensated.

How to connect

We will accept any client 10.97 to 10.99, if you have your files, just skip this section.

If you don't have the files, well here is a list of all the clients you may use.

Features & Innovations


  • [Frags] Just 2 frags per kill**
  • [War anti-intruso] Features: Enable/disable UE, potions, runes, PvP 8.6, PvP 7.4 or PvP 10.9X. (Always retro PvP, can't walk through players).
  • [Arena & Access] System like CipSoft, beside having a Teleport with a Panel Option
  • [Walls Magic Wall & Wild Growth] Magebot won't show any timer (also they have a random extra time).


  • [Rewards] Reward by reaching level 40 (20k for promotion).
  • [Rewards] First x100 Levels Reward of 250 Tibia Coins al primer 100, 200, 300, 400, etc.
  • [Exp Share] Experience Share same as CipSoft, max bonus 4 vocations.
  • [Chase Attk] Chase Attack working.
  • [Lvl Up] Heal HP/MP on Level Up.
  • [Stages] Stages XP rates medium (this test server will be higher).
  • [Skills] Skills easy till 80, then will get harder.
  • [Magic Level] Magic Level easy till 50, then will get harder.
  • [Loot] Loot Rate x2. Most valuable items like addons items or bosses items will have their loot x1 to create an equilibrium un economics prizes.


  • [UE] Ultimate Spells just can be actived one per vocation, and may be changed at NPC Zoltan.
  • [Zoltan] Zoltan has "Trade Window" with Spells.
  • [Base] You don't have to learn the spells.
  • [New] New low level spells (In order to help you achieve a greater level easily: exori infir con, exori infir vis, exori infir).


  • [Feature] Look Interact when "looking" an NPC.
  • [Djinns] Djinn factions will sell it's respective necklaces/rings.
  • [Adventurer's Island] Charos (Adventurer's Stone) can be reseted after 7 uses, by paying 10,000 gps.


  • [Ferumbras Ascension] Silver Token exchange with NPC Cledwyn.
  • [Heart of Destruction] Gold Token exchange with NPC Yana.
  • [Ferumbras Ascension] Ferumbras' Boots of Homecoming, Ferumbras Staff, Ferumbras Amulet.
  • [Money] Gold, platinum y crystal coins. Won't convert by click-use, preventing [anti-push] traps.


  • [Access] Access to spawns can be done by doing the quests, or you can purchase them.
  • [NPCs] NPC access can be done by doing the quests, or you can purschase them.
  • [Item] Task Bound Book: Item to handle task from PZ (more than 50 new tasks).
  • [Item] Kito's Legacy Scroll: Item to check Bosses spawned on Live + Information about bosses spawn on certain period as CipSoft does.
  • [Items] Addon & Mount Mystery Box: Give a random addons/mounts from store.
  • [Magical Food] Magical Food can be bought from store, or can be done from Hot Cuisine Event.
  • [Boosts] Boost: XP Boost (50%) [Channel], Stamina Refiller, Skull Remove.
  • [Transfer] Transfer Tibia Coins to your friends.
  • [Blessings] Check your Blessings through store.
  • [Premium] Premium 30 days = $ 2 USD. Benefits: Regen stamina on PZ, Loyalty System (5% skill/ml by each 30 days), Train Offline Bonus (Will earn 100k EXP each 12 hrs & Skills/ML will increase double fast), a mount as gift while being premium, NPC can be paid from bank balance, Boat NPC will allow you to free travel.

Free Account

  • [100% Game] General access to all quests, spawns, cities, promotion and offline train.


  • [Loot Channel] All loot will be shown here, if you want original CipSoft message, just close it.
  • [Search Team Channel] A channel to search players to level in party.
  • [Scheduler Event Channel] Next events timer (15 events*)


  • [Tibia Coins] Sell your Tibia Coins. If you don't want to do access/NPC quests, just purchase your coins with KK's. Also if you need money, you can sell your coins in order to become rich. Situation win-win to everyone.
  • [Free] Everyone can buy/sell items on market.


  • [Setup] 100% as RL regarding to loot and strategy attack.
  • [Boss System] Rewards, reward container, login message.
  • [Healing] Healing Monsters UH/IH/Mass Healing won't work on them.
  • [AI] Monsters AI field as RL: Ignore or not fields regarding to their weakness.***


  • [System] As CipSoft, the bosses will have a setup regarding the days to spawn, but it doesn't mean they will appear exactly on that day, they can appear the next day, at a random hour. This information is obtained by Kito's Legacy Scroll.

World Changes

  • Yasir
  • Rashid
  • Fury Gates
  • Deeplings (Liquid Black Quest) - Initial Access, Stage 1: Crates, Stage 2: Bosses. You can kill the three bosses one time per stage.
  • Otherworld Heart of Destruction Quest*
  • Nightmare Isles
  • Their's Master Voice
  • Grimvale Raid: Feroxa, Item: Werewolf Helmet, enchanted by Moonlight Crystals. Depending on your vocation.
  • Realm of Dream Raid: Chayenne, Item: Chayenne's Magical Key, Music Box


  • [Access] Trhough Quest or Store.
  • [Crystals] Blue/Red crystal depdening the teleport. If you have full access, you may not use red teleport crystal.
  • [Spawn] 100% as RL, also the Boss has a random position to give a bit more difficult to this daily quest.
  • [Strategy Attack] Boss will attack who is doing more damage.*
  • [Reward] Reward every 20 hrs.


  • [Inquisiton Gold] Crude horn with mouthpiece 100% RL, Frazzlemaw/Guzzlemaw task with NPC Sandomo who will trade Inquisiton Gold for Cluster of Solace.
  • [Lower Roshamuul] Random teleport stairs at Shock Head spawn.
  • [Umbral Creation] NPC Eruaran 100% RL & Unrealized Dream [Prison Keys].
  • [Respawn Prision -3] 100% RL
  • [Terrorsleep Cave] 100% RL
  • [Surrender Lair] 100% RL and Ring of Ending.
  • [Bosses] Gaz'haragoth and Omrafir 100% RL, spawn and strategy attack.
  • [Mawhawk Lair] Boss of Upper Roshamuul.


  • [Raids] Quaras Oramond West as RL: Enable/disable random.
  • [Voting Points] Roots Quest, Colors Quests (Communication Breakdown), Deliver Capsules [Glooth Converter], Voting with NPC Marvin.
  • [Catacombs] Requires 50 pts, Spawn as CipSoft [Max 12 Hellhound, Demon or Juggernaut in random positions predefined].
  • [Glooth Factory] Requires 300 pts, Spawn Bandits, Invasion as RL [30 mins ON/OFF].
  • [Hero of Rathleton Quest & Dark Trail Quest]: Requires 500 pts to be completed.*
  • [Shortcut] Teleport shortcut to Rathleton-Boat: Requires 300 pts.

Ferumbras' Ascension

  • [Map] Map 100% RL.
  • [Access & Fights] Everything as RL.*
  • [Cooldown] Cooldown Bosses can be kill again after 48 hrs.*
  • [Cooldown] Cooldown Ferumbras Mortal Shell can be kill after 14 days.*


  • [Map] Map 100% RL.
  • [Access] Ankrahmun, Svargrond, Farmine & Thais/Edron.
  • [Quest] Quests Heart of Destruction Quest*


  • [Quests] General other quests 100%: POI, Inqui, WoTE, etc.


  • [Task Bound Book] Item to manage task from PZ.
  • [Tasks Shared] By being in party you can share the task between all members (just 1 player per vocation).


  • [Global Depots] Activated
  • [Smart-Exit] Deactivated.

Audio-Visual Information

Gracias Martyx! Aun estoy buscando integrar otras cosas, las cuales integrare en mas updates ;)

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