rl map

  1. M0ustafa

    Real map datapack 8.60

    I am looking for original real map datapack 8.60 without any edits. I have searched for quite long time and all the real maps I found are outdated, full of bugs, missing areas, missing quests/npcs/monsters, not even close to real tibia spell formulas or fully modified. I am just looking for a...
  2. M

    RL Map good base server?

    Can someone tell me where can i find a server base to make my rl based ot? Version 8.6 or more, would help if its the last version available I want to have real map on my ot if its possible... Thanks in advance
  3. V

    [Poland][10.00/12] Revolia | RL Map Fun | Falcon Bastion, True Asuras, Secret Library| New Addons & Outfits 12

    We're finally launching third Revolia edition! Start at Friday 19:00 CET Server Informations: *Official Web Site: Latestnews - Revolia *Client version: 10 (Mounts & Outfits & Items- 12.10) *Port 7171 *New Hunting Places (Falcon Bastion,Feyrist, Skeleton Elite...
  4. A

    [France] [7.6] Ramonia - Semi-Low Rated|Custom with Real Parts| - [30.11, Friday 18:00 CET]

    IP: ramonia.pl Client: Custom / 7.6 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: France Introduction and gameplay: Ramonia is a custom-made server to bring some new fresh gear to the community of old-school projects out there. Since the beginning we wanted to create inimitable feelings which balances between the...
  5. Nosferatu88

    [8.0] South Drefia Grim Repapers/Undeads

    Made this spawn for some 8.0 OT, but never finished it. Idea was to use it as Big grim reaper/banshee/spectre/necro spawn, but you can do anything with it.
  6. TyT Maps

    [USA] ValyriaOT [ BETA ONLINE ] 8.6 PvpE LowRate RL [ Opens March 30th ]

    Welcome to ValyriaOT. Valyria is a 8.6 Real Map OT with a lot of custom features, the Valyria Team are working on many more implements. Valyria is a low-rate server based around an RPG feel, with a extreme balance system within PvP. ValyriaOT is powered through our dedication to never add any...
  7. Da beast

    [Poland][10.00-11.49/Custom Client] Istarima - RL Map

    We would like to share our custom Tibia server: Istarima. Our team is small, but we are willing to put in the hours to make an excellent server. We update the server in real-time everyday, fixing bug reports by players almost instantly and making new features. General information: IP...
  8. kito2

    [South America] mtibia - 100% RL, 10.00, Prey, Embuiments, Retro Outfits, Otherworld, Ferumbras Asc

    Welcome! The proyect has around one year working, and has been online for about 10 months! We have weekly/monthly updates, integrating new things and improving the player experience along the game. Come and join us! *Ip*: mtibia-global.com *Port*: 7171 *Client*: Tibia 10.00 (own client) -...
  9. S

    [France] Darocion 7.4 Real Map with INQ / POI / SOFT Boots new City and more! <START 09.09.2017>

    Server Information From Level To Level = 1-7 30x From Level To Level = 8-30 70x From Level To Level = 31-50 50x From Level To Level = 51-70 30x From Level To Level = 71-100 15x From Level To Level = 101-120 10x From Level To Level = 121-130 5x From Level To Level = 131-150 3x From Level To Level...
  10. Nekiro

    Looking for testers

    As in title, I'm looking for testers that really want to test, because I opened the server for public to get people testing and all I got was people logging in taking items/coins and logging out. This is NOT paid position, but for the most involved testers we have community manager position...
  11. Crixpx

    [Canada]RL 100% Heroic Lands Fast Attack Free Tibia coins :D <3

    www.heroic-lands.com New server with 1 week online, are all invited to discover a new gaming experience The server has the following characteristics Stages Level = 1 to Level = 19 -------- x120 Level = 20 to Level = 50 ------- x100 Level = 51 to Level = 80 ------- x45 Level = 81 to Level =...
  12. Sizaro

    [10.98] CipSoft Original Map (converted from 7.7)

    The map contains all movable items (except for items thrown by players), trash, containers and writables. Most of which doesn't exist in open tibia real maps. Missing tile usually means that tile / thing has a use / action in real tibia such as being a pick tile or a lever. What I did was...
  13. P

    PTS [Private Tibia Server] - Is it possible? Help the newbie :)

    Hi Everyone! At the beginning I have to say I'm newbie so please don't be mad :) For quite long time I've been serching way to set up Tibia server which could be playable offline or on LAN by two people. This is the problem no. 1. Second thing is that I'd love to copy real Tibia 8.6 or...
  14. Malvera-War

    [USA] Malvera-War START at 26/03 18:00 GMT-3 Full 10.99/ Exclusive War Anti Intruder

    After a few months working behind the scenes, I'll introduce you to Malvera-War, the newest Global 10.99 today. Complete server for you, with lots of Wars, Hunts and lots of fun, with all the Tibia news! IP: malvera-war.com Port: 7171 Client: 10.99 Website: Latestnews - Malvera Rates: Stages...
  15. Dilera

    [CANADA] Dilera Online 7.72 | RL Map + Custom | OLD SCHOOL | Starts Today!

    Dilera Online is an old school server 7.72 Real Map + Custom Towns and spawns. 100% All Quests, Spawns, Houses and NPCs. Connection: IP: Dilera.Online Port: 7171 Client: 7.72 Website: Dilera.Online Exp Stages: 1-8 = 10x 9-20 = 30x 21-50 = 20x 51-80 = 15x 81-100 = 10x 101+ = 5x...
  16. K

    [FRANCE] Matera 10.99 [RL MAP 100% - PVP/RPG] | Start 05 Feb 2017

    Matera.global - 100% RL Map server 10.99 [PVP/RPG] We would like to present you one of the most completed RL Tibia server with almost all new quests, places, monsters and items, very good balanced and daily updated. Server is a highly replicated RL Tibia server with higher rates what gives you...
  17. D

    [Sweden]~*~Elythia~*~Low rate RLmap~*~10.99~*~RPG~*~No resets~*~No donate shop~*~

    ~*~Elythia~*~ Server IP/Website elythia.zapto.org Client version 10.99 Exp rate 5x Skill rate 5x Magic level rate 3x Loot rate 2x Map Custom modified real map developed all the time ~*~Why should you choose Elythia?~*~ ~ Regular bug fixes and updates ~ Good community with active and helpful...
  18. Evilor

    OTHire bug

    Hello, can someone please help me with this bug? data/actions/scripts/tools/shovel.lua:47: attempt to get length of global 'POOLS' (a nil value) stack traceback: data/actions/scripts/tools/shovel.lua:47: in function <data/actions/scripts/tools/shovel.lua:21>
  19. Aldo Axel

    [México] FiveraOt Rl Map 8.6

    [8.6] ip: fivera.hopto.org Web: >>>>>> fivera.hopto.org:81 <<<<<< *Welcome to the FiveraOt! -Info Server: -Exp: x150 -Skill: 80 -Magic: 50 -Loot: x5 *About The Server: Map: RL Custom Edited City's: - Venore, Thais, Kazordoon, Carlin, Ab'Dendriel...
  20. V

    [8.60] Real Map Full (CAST SYSTEM)

    Events and Features War of Emperium Trainers Offline Capture the Flag Battlefield Event Lottery System Itens VIPs 100% fixed Raids Automáticas Thais Edited Dota Event Guild Points Source on datapack Global Server Map: 100% Scripts: 100% Systems:. 100% Items: 100% Monsters: 100% Npcs: 100% TFS...