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[Sweden][8.6] Highland Custom RL Map

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Jan 20, 2022
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Highland is a 8.6 server that uses a modified version of the real Tibia map with lots of custom content.

Custom Content

Besides all the quests and other content that exists in real Tibia we've added some custom content. Here's s taste of what you can expect when playing on Highland:

  • Instanced dungeons where you can earn tokens to spend in the dungeon shop for unique gear and items.
  • Custom quests with custom NPCs ranging from low leveled to high leveled end game content.
  • Custom items that you can get from quests. Everything from weapons, ammo and even new custom spells.
  • Fully functional quests from RL Tibia such as: "The Inquisition", "Pits of Inferno", "Demon Oak", "Annihilator" and much more.
  • A fully functional task system
  • Custom spells for each vocation.
  • A custom client with music at certain locations.
  • Offline training.
  • Raid system with bosses that drop custom loot.
  • Outfit bonuses.
  • Active GMs.
  • Discord server with active admins for fast help.
  • Online forum and helpdesk through the website.
  • Huge areas like Gengia, Pyre, Zenit, Oken and more.
  • Daily double XP event.
  • Bounty hunter system
  • Daily events.

Connection info

Website: Highland Open Tibia server (http://highlandot.com)
Port: 7171
Version: 8.60
Client: Modified OTclient/Regular client

Experience Rates

1-20: 50x
21-40: 30x
41-60: 25x
61-80: 20x
81-100: 10x
101-120: 6x
121-140: 4x
141-160: 3x
161-300: 2x
301+: 1x

Skills: 8x
Magic: 7x
Loot Rate: 2x

We hope that you'll enjoy your time at Highland!
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