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TFS 1.X+ Teleport onUse object when having specific storage

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Jul 10, 2022
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Hello guys ;)

A while ago @Xikini helped me with some script (below named "existing script"). Now I would like to make a similar, extended script.

On the map there would be a objects (like statues or sth) which clicked by player teleport him to the specific location, but only if he has a specific storage (which is given by stepping on the specific tile for the first time). Thanks to Xikini's script linked above, I do know how to give player storage by stepping on the tile. But can't solve the rest.

I guess I do understand a logic: when clicking an object with ActionId = A, script checks if player has Storage = B. If yes - teleport to XYZ. Otherwise, send a message. And for each Action ID, there will be a different Storages and coordinates (here comes arrays).

I was trying to support myself with following threads:

The second one works properly, but only brainlessly copy+pasted as a different script, without arrays, and using Actions.xml. I was trying to edit Xikini's script (the first link in this post) he gave me, but something gone wrong and idk what.

I ended up having something like this:
(needs review, because I was editing exisiting script, maybe something is not longer needed, maybe I deleted something needed)

local altars = {
    [65535] = { -- actionId given to the statue on map
        storage = 69420,
        name = "Rat's Cave",
        newpos = {posx = 94, posy = 127, posz = 7},

local shortcutAltars = MoveEvent()

function shortcutAltars.onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey)
    local index = altars[item:getActionId()]
    if player:getStorageValue(index.storage) == 1 then
        player:teleportTo(Position(index.newpos.posx, index.newpos.posy, index.newpos.posz))
        player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_EVENT_ADVANCE, "You are not allowed to do that")

for actionId, config in pairs(altars) do

But this attempt was to only check if teleportation itself works. I does not include giving a storage by stepping on a tile (which I can solve by the existing script, but for testing I was giving a storage manually through PMA). That's why there is a "name", because I wanted to make this script independent from existing script, but still missing tile's id which will give that storage on stepping :p

I am aware it's relatively simple script, but don't understand syntax properly to make it done, so I'm asking you for help 🥺