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Lua [TFS 1.4] Spell Area use


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Mar 3, 2012
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Hello Otlanders,

I am useing this TFS version and I have a Question and a Request.
My Question is, is it possible to use the Spell areas from the data/spells/lib/spells.lua directly in monsters or do I have to create a Spell with the Area to use it inside the Monster. I am asking because I am useing a lot of Custom spell areas and I do not really want to create so much spells only to use them inside the monsters.

And my Request would be if someone could create me a function to make this possible.

One of my areas is called trollpox and i want to use it like this inside the monster.xml or the monster.lua

XML Example
<attack name="poisonWave" interval="2400" chance="55" min="-3250" max="-4850" area="trollpox">
            <attribute key="areaEffect" value="poison"/>

Lua Example
{name = "combat", type = COMBAT_EARTHDAMAGE, chance = 55, interval = 2600, minDamage = -3000, maxDamage = -6900, range = 7, target = false, area = trollpox, shootEffect = CONST_ANI_POISON},

Would be nice if someone could help me out or tell me if its possible without much source edits or even without source edits.