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AAC [TFS0.4][MyAAC] Problem with SALT


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Oct 8, 2017
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Hello everyone, I'm using myaac and TFS 0.4, client 8.60, narutibia.
OLD:Hi, I have a problem with myaac in my test account, giving error in OTS_account.php, but in the game I normally enter, I installed myaac again this time clean, no plugin with nothing, the error persisted, I removed the account from the database. data and created again, entered the site but in the game does not enter anymore, someone knows how to solve this?
I have identified the problem, apparently it is my iologindata.cpp,
I tried the trunk rev 3884 and it worked normally, the one I'm using is 3884 but totally different from the trunk, so I've already moved a lot on the source I'm using and I did not want to have to change at this height, can anyone help me?


I using myaac version 0.8, previous versions of myaac were not having this problem that I remember, what could it be? it is generating salt and my config.lua is configured not to generate, i use rev trunk 3884, work but i receive error "temple is wrong" etc...
but with my distro i receive invalid password,
what could it be?
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