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Oct 30, 2010
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Hello everyone,

If you are looking for a team to create great RPG low-rate game server with custom game world and plenty of content, all wrapped in a professional looking and working package, then you have entered on the right thread!

Some Info:
"The Unknown", with own story line and quest-line based on it. Low rate, atm set at 8x-2x, custom loot rates. 10.98, TFS 1.2.

So far around 50% of final content has been done, map completion status is - I'd say 35-40% - scripting development is at quite advanced stage, most of the systems which will be available in game are already finished, or will be just customized. I am also opened to new ideas, and will likely expand the number of features on the server. Website has most of its functionality already, it lacks content which has to be written/added manually, some improvements like few small graphic elements or typing must be done (mostyl deatils), and at the end of development some final cutstomization will be needed.


More info in this thread.

So who am I searching for? Someone who has overall knowledge of open tibia, someone who can script (doesn't have to be really advanced), someone who can handle basics of php, also I am searching for someone who have nice RPG ideas, who has knowledge and has some passion, someone who can help in development, and when the server goes online - keeps helping with further development and taking care of the community, server and everything realted to it. I am a person that love details, and I am searching for someone who loves them aswell, or at least doesn't have anything against them :) Everything we will do has to be done on really impressive, professional level.

All the work which has to be done, doesn't have to be done in hurry, when we have ideas and some free time - we work creating cool content, when we have a period without ideas or without free time - we just take it easy, thinking, talking, taking some breath and making breaks.

I want to notice - I am not searching for an ultra-skilled person, I'd like to have in team someone with passion, with will to run own server, but also you should have some knowledge about setting up the server anyway :) However if you are a pro... I say: the more you can do - the better!

I'd like to form a team now, didn't want to do this at the very beginning when it was just an idea, before that I wanted to develop some shape of the server and make sure I am able to take this to an advanced stage without giving up. This has to be pleasure for all of us, good fun, good atmosphere. We can handle everything easily, it is just too booring to develop everything alone :)

If you are interested, please leave a messege below, write something about you, but more than just a name and age, please :)


This is not an advertisment for someone who want to earn some penny!
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Nov 21, 2012
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Mini map looks really nice, sadly I do not have alot of free time to help you out. But keep go on with everything it looks really awesome so far.


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Aug 7, 2009
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Hey sup man i was in a project just a weak ago. And went down cuz of programers. Im interested in mapping and rpg ideas. Keep it up