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[US] [7.4] Imperianic - HIGHER RATES - PROXY - VOIP - ANDROID - [05/08/2022, Friday, 20:00 UTC]

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If you have frags limit people can't kill more people than this limit.

Even on servers with regular pvp it is the same and people playing for pvp will always use the same amount frag.

You always have to use up the whole frags limit if you play for pvp because it's obvious, and if you add pvp enforced it doesn't affect it?

You understand that if someone play game for pvp, does the server have pvp enforced or not , then always will they use the same numbers frags, because the game is to kill other players?

Have you seen that on servers like Kasteria, realesta, there were more people killed when they have pvp enforced than when there was no pvp enforced before, because I didn't notice any difference?

Do as you see fit, just don't be surprised later that you don't have players.

Keep listening to people from the biggest guilds, who are the worst sort of players because they always leave the server quickly, because they are players who cannot cope without a commander, and also when they die a few times they will leave the server because they are mentally weak.

By favoring only this kind of players, you will definitely not gain new ones, because it is illogical to favor someone with an advantage in numbers and consider them to be the better sort of players , because they many.

Yes, I know, but it stills encourages players to kill neutrals with no reason.

But, I can make a poll before server starts to ask community about it.

You are welcome to make new requests.
Yes, I know, but it stills encourages players to kill neutrals with no reason.

But, I can make a poll before server starts to ask community about it.

You are welcome to make new requests.
You have a headache if you think that pvp enfoced with the skulls system changes anything in the number of kills and encourages someone more, if he can get rs or banned for this reason, sooner your sms store encourages someone to do it more and those items that are there.

People kill each other more often because of the smugglers from your store just to get a better balance in the game.

Look at the facts, you create a bonus exp party where the players from the largest teams will benefit most from it, because they will have the most people with different professions, then pvp enforced only for them also another bonus to only they , sms store and all this accumulates to put together and create such uneven gameplay that the game becomes idiotic for smaller teams or RPG players playing solo.

I think you have some delay in reasoning and logical thinking, because I see that it is not worth discussing with you and you will make a bad server, because you only think that you are right even though you are not.
Make the beginning hard, after lvl 80 a little bit easier, and after lvl 100 a little bit easier.
80-100 1.2x, 100-150 1.3x.
Make premium account buyable with RL money and get rid of custom items, server will be a lot like 7.4 retail and people will enjoy it more.
Its stupid having an 7.4 server that, with 3 days after its release already have ppl lvl 100.
Lvl 1-8 2x, 8-80 1x. Done, people will stick around for the nostalgia and its rewarding gameplay.
ohhh noooo, who could have predicted this????? what a surpise ! LMFAOOO thats what happens when u dont listen to community another failure
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