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[USA] [12.72] Ruthless Nights - real map with some custome content, brand new!

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May 6, 2013
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Brand New Pvp Server!
12.72 Client (Based on OTBR)
Real Map with some custom content!
Working Quests
Online Trainers
Gain stamina in pz and in trainers
24/7 Uptime (SS 6am EST)
Spells are given free and automatically to the player
Active Staff (also will be looking for staff soon!)
Latest News - Ruthless Nights (http://ruthlessnights.com/)
1.5 exp
1.5 loot
2 skills
1.5 magic
1.5 spawn

Come be apart of something great, tired of that toxic life in real tibia?
Come play here! we aim to create an environment where you can actually enjoy to play again.
We are trying to build around the community needs, we care what you think,
We aim to create a sustaining enjoyable play experience.
Hope to see you soon in game!
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Update, we fixed quite a few bugs. the server has been wiped as of yesterday! come get your PG on yall!
were growing pretty fast! be a great server to atleast check out over the weekend! non toxic enviroment! meet some new friends

We had to do a wipe unfortunately. but server is back online, all rates are doubled for the next 12 hours! be a great time to make a character and check us out! ruthllessnights.com
Totally experimental OT. Admin is still learning how to program OT. Had 2 full wipes/resets within 2 weeks time.
Random crashes occur pretty often.
Not reliable at all.. yet..
Let the admin learn and maybe one day he can come out with good OT, GL until then! :)
dude get over yourself. your stating well known info i openly shared with everyone, i have nothing to hide. im new, im learning, and im loving the process of it, besides toxic players like you.

omg i made some typos, lord forgive me for i have sinned.

hopefully it stays down for you
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lol it doesnt even let me edit my post to fix the website typo....
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Yo yo yo, weve steadily been growing and building a decent community of dedicated players, worth checking out if you havent so far! ive been putting alot of work into this, been learning so much, would love to see what more think!
Our double rates have ended. got alot of bugs found and being worked on, thank you to all those who have started playing and helping me find issues with the server! we will be doing events on the regular basis, so make sure to check out our discord or website for current events and promos!