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"Wiki" Show 'n' Hide


Aug 15, 2007
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Stockholm, Sweden
Yo guys, I'm trying to look after this code, from standard it should be on hidden like this:

Then when you press show it will show some links of my choice (links will be in the same place using "<a name="myName">" then "<a href="#myName">myName</a>" to go there... (If you don't know any better)

Some help would be appreciated! :)

By the way, I'm using HTML... Trying to stay to that so please :)
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You need to use CSS to hide the content, you can use style="display:none" or set it from a CSS file. You should wrap the links with a div and give it an ID, for example id="my_links", then in CSS:
#my_links { display: none }

The best way to hide and show the contents is by using Javascript with onclick to check the value of display and toggle it between "none" and "block". I suggest using jQuery if you're new to Javascript, then you can just add onclick="$('#my_links').toggle()"
By the way, I'm using HTML... Trying to stay to that so please :)

What you want can not be done with HTML only. Please read more about this subject in order to understand what it does and how you can help yourself.

If you are willing to learn something (it's easy) then click on the links below or search the internet.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) basics:
- W3schools.com - HTML Tutorial

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) basics:
- W3schools.com - CSS Introduction

JS (JavaScript) basics:
- W3schools.com - JavaScript Tutorial

jQuery (a useful JavaScript library):
- jQuery.com - official homepage
- W3schools.com - jQuery Tutorial

With the above you can do things what you wanted in the first post and what Talaturen posted and much, much more.
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