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Nov 20, 2015
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Launch of the new world Osiris -October 12th at 7pm!

That's right, ForteraOT launched a new world, Osiris.

Our Website: https://www.fortera-global.net/

Our Discord: Join the ForteraOTS Discord

With several modifications applied, Osiris offers a series of improved features to make your journey unforgettable.

Most access to locations and Bosses are released, meaning you won't waste hours and hours on long quests to gain access. "But ADM, I like doing quests" - No problem, our server is hyper complete, so for those of you who like doing quests, secret access, etc., you can do it them normally (you must make this choice when creating the character).

All PvP mechanics (including the famous "dance"), RPG and others are in effect on our server.

We literally have all updates from Global, including the latest from Summer Update 2023, below we will leave you some images of the server.

Summer Update 2023

Excitement has gripped the world of Fortera with the highly anticipated 2023 Summer Update!

Get ready for a completely revamped gaming experience, filled with exciting challenges and amazing new features. We're excited to announce that all areas, creatures, and features planned for this update are now live, ready to be explored by agile and professional players like you!

Discover new paradise lands, full of mysteries and hidden treasures. Face fierce and powerful creatures that will test your skills and strategies. Seize the chance to acquire coveted gear that will elevate your character to new heights of power.

Additionally, the 2023 Summer Update brings innovative features to enhance your Fortera journey. Unique challenges, exciting quests and valuable rewards await you.

We've assembled a dedicated team to ensure that the 2023 Summer Update is complete and packed with top-notch content. Our developers have worked hard to create an immersive experience filled with stunning detail and amazing technical enhancements.

We invite you to join us on this journey and discover all that the 2023 Summer Update has to offer. Feel the adrenaline rush as you venture through lush landscapes, unlock ancient secrets and face epic challenges. Don't waste any more time, join us and be part of this unforgettable experience!

Remember to visit our official website and communication channels for more information and stay up to date with the latest updates. Ready for the best adventure season yet?
The 2023 Summer Update on Fortera awaits you!


Joining a guild is key to getting involved in wars in Fortera. Look for a guild that is known for its activity in wars and has a good reputation. The guild can provide guidance, support and strategies for battles, as well as help you form alliances with other guilds.

Pay attention to the places and times where wars usually happen. Large conflicts can occur in specific areas, such as coveted hunts, busy cities or "dominant" areas of certain guilds. Be prepared and stay informed about war-related events.


Being a streamer and earning points while online can be a great way to interact with your community and reward your viewers.

Streamers who broadcast our game and who have our link www.fortera-global.net in the title automatically receive Coins every 1 hour transmitted. This system is unique and exclusive.

We already have more than 10 confirmed streamers, if you are interested, contact us via Discord to register.


In Gnomprona, facing challenging monsters can be both exciting and rewarding! Here are some helpful hints for you to earn valuable items while fighting these monsters:
  1. Proper equipment: Before facing challenging monsters, make sure you are well equipped. Acquire stronger armor and weapons as they can increase your chances of survival and success.​
  2. ypiaGGI.gif
    Know monster weaknesses: Each monster in Gnomprona has specific weaknesses. Find out what those weaknesses are and choose weapons and skills that can exploit them to the fullest.​
  3. Skills: Train your skills well. They can be essential for facing challenging monsters. Improving your skills will help you deal more damage or protect yourself better.​
  4. Form a team: Some monsters in Gnomprona are so powerful that facing them alone can be almost impossible. Consider forming a team with other players. This will increase your chances of success and also allow you to share your earned items.​

Remember, practice makes perfect. Be prepared for some challenges, but also enjoy the thrilling journey of battling monsters in Gnomprona for valuable items!

Wheel of Destiny

Configuring the skill wheel correctly is very useful to facilitate battles against monsters and players.

Knights: As a knight, you are the tank of the group, so build your skills in such a way as to resist attacks while dealing significant damage.
Paladins: Paladins are known for their precision and ranged abilities. Focus on your leech and distance fighting skills to increase your ability to accurately land your ranged attacks.
Sorcerers: As a sorcerer, your power lies in magic. Invest in skills to increase the damage and effectiveness of your spells.
Druids: Druids also excel at using magic, but are more focused on healing and party support. Increase your Magic Level skills to strengthen your healing and offensive skills.









In addition to these basic suggestions, it's important to remember that you can adapt your skills according to your preference and playstyle. Try different combinations and find the one that best suits your character and individual strategy. Good luck on your Fortera journey!

Soul War

Soul War is an epic expansion of the Fortera continent, bringing an exciting new story for players to explore. The story begins with the discovery of a mysterious ancient artifact - the Essence of Soul - believed to be able to control the souls of Fortera's monsters.

Soon, rumors spread of a powerful sorcerer named Megalomania who wishes to use Soul Essence to subjugate and control monsters, turning them into his own creatures. Players, determined to stop this terrible threat, embark on a perilous journey to defeat Megalomania and its Goshnar's minions and protect the balance of the world of Fortera.

As players explore new areas, they will encounter monsters altered by Soul Essence. These monsters, known as Soul Devourers, are far more powerful and dangerous than anything seen before. They are hungry for souls and spread terror wherever they go.

Players will need to face the Soul Devourers and other powerful monsters, improving their skills and acquiring powerful new equipment along the way. The final battle against the sorcerer is an epic confrontation, where players must use all their courage, strength and wisdom to defeat him and save Fortera from Megalomania's rule.

This expansion is also an opportunity for players to discover hidden mysteries and ancient secrets involving the origin of Soul Essence and the true story behind the sorcerer and his sinister plans.

Soul War adds a new dimension to Fortera's already rich history, exciting challenges and valuable rewards for players to explore. Get ready to fight powerful monsters, delve into ancient mysteries, and restore peace to Fortera in this exciting new adventure!

Create an Account

Don't waste any more time! Create your account now and join this dynamic and passionate gaming community. Epic adventures, lasting friendships and exciting challenges are waiting for you on our server. Come join us and let us show you why we are the right choice for gamers looking for an amazing experience.

new outfit has been added to the Store today!​

The Doom Knight, a silent and shrouded entity, embarked on a relentless odyssey, journeying through every valley on the other side and venturing into uncharted realms beyond. The passage of time has rendered this deadly figure unshakeable, an embodiment of unwavering determination in the face of all challenges.​


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Exclusive Forge System nd its History - 01/13/2024

A long time ago, in a distant land full of mysteries and wonders, there lived two giant brothers, each endowed with unique abilities and distinct passions.

The eldest, called Grondar, inhabited the vast lands around a mighty volcanic mountain. He was recognized as a virtuous forger of weapons, whose forge, embedded in the bowels of the mountain, resonated with the incessant fire and the intense shine of the metal. Grondar dedicated his life to creating weapons of incomparable dexterity, feeding on volcanic energy to forge blades imbued with the fury of fire and the resistance of the earth. His art was feared and revered throughout the kingdom.


The youngest brother, Aurelius Varinhelm, chose to live in a small abandoned castle, very close to the volcanic mountain, in the land of giants and full of mysticism. Unlike Grondar, Aurelius Varinhelm despite his appearance as a Viking warrior, was a devout lover of the arcane arts and magical wisdom. He spent his days studying ancient mystical scriptures, seeking to understand the secrets of the universe and the hidden forces that permeated reality. His abode was adorned with arcane artifacts, ancient scrolls, and magical artifacts he had collected over the years.


Although the two brothers led very different lives, they both shared a deep respect for each other\'s passions. Grondar admired Aurelius Varinhelm\'s intellectuality and curiosity, while Aurelius Varinhelm marveled at his older brother\'s forging skills and determination.

Despite their differences, whenever a threat to the kingdom arose, the giants pooled their skills: Grondar forged powerful weapons infused with mountain fire, while Aurelius Varinhelm cast enchantments and spells to protect his people.

Thus, the giant brothers\' combined physical strength and mystical knowledge became the kingdom\'s hope in times of need, ensuring that the legend of their union would be remembered for generations.

Aurelius Varinhelm is a mystical forger and he can forge the best rods and wands in all of history. By trading with him, it is possible to obtain the legendary fortera mega wand and fortera mega rod.