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YurOts Blood removing borders and working machete problem.


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Jan 3, 2011
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I want bring memories and also show my younger friend legendary 7.6 YurOTS map, so i download 0.9.4f version. When i was checking all things on map i find out that machete and scythe doesnt work, later on i find out blood and other pools problem.

Most i want fix that pool problem bcs is so anoying. So problem is that pool of blood or other source of liquid remove borders.
First few second after kill nothing happen, but later borders are disappear but blood pool didnt change shape yet, then it starts changing shape to lesser and vanish, borders coming back few seconds later. Also all pools have same id no matter it is water blood or wine, its strange for me. I cant check pool on border, it show border id instead liquid, but on normal ground works correctly.

Second problem is with machete. Same problem was with scythe missing script files, i import both from other ots files.
Scythe works properly but machete no matter what script i use doesnt work. I used few machete scripts even use same from scythe changing only ids and still not working. I checked jungle gras and machete in otbm and compare to wheat and scythe, they have same things marked.