1. Liimpiish

    Bless Bug

    Hello, folks! I have currently faced some issues regarding my bless command, it isn't working properly as it should be doing. --- [INFORMATION] 0.4 TFS - Error: When using the bless-command "!bless", it works properly as it should do. However, we're facing an issue if you are killed you...
  2. V

    Map problem in OTC

    I've started to work on my own tibia server and I decided to go with OTClient but I've ran into some problems. WhenI start the server on regular tibia client (with IP changer) it works as it should, but when i run it with OTClient everytihing on map gets messy and scattered around, walking is...
  3. A


    Error receiving addon in TFS, it just does not deliver the addon, the item arrives normal tfs OTX 1.3 CREATURESCRIPT/SCRIPT/SHOP.LUA -- ### CONFIG ### -- message to player "type", if delivery of item debugs client, it can be because of undefinied type (type that does not exist in your...
  4. C

    Suddenly I can't buy from NPCs anymore.

    Until this morning I was playing normally, but now suddenly I can't buy from npcs... I have a backup server that used to work 100% and even this backup isn't working... There is no error on distro. All I did from this morning until now was mapping in RME. Any idea what could be causing this?
  5. 1

    Bug in War of Emperium System

    Firstly sorry for my bad english: I've installed the Woe System in my Otserv, but when the empes die, these bugs appear > Broadcasted message: "one of Pre-Empes have been broken...". [17:17:02.671] [Error - CreatureScript Interface] [17:17:02.671] domodlib('Loot_func') [17:17:02.671] function...
  6. C

    Monsters does not respawn.

    Hello everyone! When I kill a monster in my server, it does not respawn (even if I wait hours). Any idea what could be causing this problem?
  7. B

    Player seems to have max items to carry

    Hello guys, i'm having a problem that i don't have idea how to solve... its this, when the player have 22 DIFFERENT items (counting set items), when i change gold for example the crystal coin to platinum, the backpack bugs, and the platinum get the spot of the first item, but when i reopen the...
  8. Loremaster7

    The Bug Exp Otserver (help)

    Hello friends, how are you? I have a problem on my server, when I open the "skills" to see the character level, if be bigger than 400 a bug happens and closes the tibia.
  9. S

    OTClient Animation Error

    Hi guys, anyone have this same problem in OTClient? This bug is random,, is not always what happens but it greatly disrupts the gameplay and can occurs with creatures/players. Has anyone ever seen a issue like this? I'm trying to fix. I created a video to show (it appears after 0:06), where...
  10. A

    TFS 0.4 Console bug

    I have host with Ubuntu 14.04. When I have consoles turned on and I turn on the server tfs, everything works well. When I turn off the console or the computer are getting errors im database. Change vocations and skills. What am I doing wrong? do I have to enter any commands in the Ubuntu console?
  11. A

    Lua error in item decay. Help

    I am using a script to collect plants. However, when the original plant returns, the former does not disappear and is full of bugs. function onUse(cid, item, frompos, itemEx, topos) local chance = 1 -- chance de cortar local madeiras = {17170} -- item que o player irá ganhar local...
  12. A

    TFS 0.4 Bug database change vocations and give high skills.

    TFS 0.4 Bug database change vocations and give high skills. Server is then blocked and i can not log in. Only when I make a restart and change skills to old it works correctly for a few moments. I do not know what adds such high skills.. I use host with ubuntu 14.04 Can someone help me?
  13. elnelson

    House is not saving unmovable objects.

    Hello bois, i have added some construction objects like ovens, anvil and crucible. But after SS or restart the unmovable objecst wont save. Any patch for this? im using TFS 0.4
  14. Theofar

    Programmer Looking for a C++ devel with OTClient experience [PAID HOURLY]

    Looking for a C++ devel with OTClient experience to fix my OTC protocol issues: 1- client dissconects every time, I sniffed my connection and saw server closing connection with client (probably by receiving bad packet) 2- some modules packs, data and sprites, doesn't works together, client get...
  15. Theofar

    Information about OTC 7.4 monsters BUG and LAG

    Hello, I'm looking for some information about OTC 7.72 (sprites 7.4) version bugs. When monster are walking near char, appears little rollbacks, like monster goes to wrong SQM than comeback. Sometimes, it goes inside walls than comeback to correct SQM. I don't know what's this, but PP said...
  16. Vantoria

    Problem with Graphics otclient

    hello guys i dont know what is going on with this error or bug but its look weird with otclient otclient sprite error or bug? this is happening in the whole map with otclient i dont know why i have those errors because with normal tibia client it is fine tibia normal client it is fine as you...
  17. S

    OTClient - Character run with MouseRightButton

    Hi guys, I think this function (Run with MouseRightButton) in otclient is wrong. When we use mouse right-click for the character run, if we press the button repeatedly, it walks only one sqm and stops running (StopWalk when i click repeatedly). Can someone tell me where I can fix this? this...
  18. villelagui

    Gesior Guild Logos Bug

    I'm having some problemas with gesior guild logos... At the page Guilds the logos aren't shown and even if i try to update to a new one it wont change. Won't give me any errors or anything like that... Here's my Guilds - Warzera Server <?php if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit; if($action...
  19. Togu

    Can't change background

    I've put a image file 1024x719 called background.png in data/images and the background don't load. I tried with mine OTClient compiled today with the latest github version. I tried with the windows latest compiled version (found here in forum). The background don't load and the backscreen...
  20. EaiComeu

    OTClient Chat Bug

    Hello Some players are suffering from the following bug The chat no work, how can I fix ?