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  1. ROKI721

    [LittleTips] For new creators | List bugs and solve.

    I write here small tips for new "noobs" server creators. Its small solved propably with editor, client and start engine. This Threat can be helped only new creators. I can mistake of any line, dont suggest my opinion, i'm not god. Maybe little bad english, sorry. [ENG] Error with log-in -bad...
  2. A

    ERROR TFS 1.3

    ...ipts/scripts/quests/cults of tibia/vortexSpawnCarlin.lua:20: attempt to index local 'portal1' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: in function '__index' .ipts/scripts/quests/cults of tibia/vortexSpawnCarlin.lua:20: in function <...ipts/scripts/quests/cults of...
  3. S

    TFS 1.X+ Lever Problem

    Hello, I have a problem with the ascending ferumbras lever, everything works correctly except that ferumbras spawns for each player who uses the lever, I don't know what it could be. I leave the script, I hope someone helps me local config = { bossName = "Ascending Ferumbras"...
  4. Jpstafe

    Problem with life bars and mana(OTCLIENT)

    I have this following problem .. when I open the life bar .. between that bar and the rest there is a large space .. on the right side on the left, the same thing happens to me it has a solution?
  5. S

    TFS 1.X+ lloyd bug

    Hi, I'm having trouble with boss lloyd, which is cloned and many of them appear at the time of the fight. also do not stop appearing If someone could help me, I would be grateful, I leave the script: local monsters = { {cosmic = 'cosmic energy prism a', pos = Position(32801, 32827, 14)}...
  6. W


    I edited a 7.72 client through notepad, and it didn't bug, because I changed the ip with all the same characters, but also the connection error lost due to expired! help me please! The client need log in the host client Bellow!
  7. Jpstafe

    Problem with life bars and mana(OTCLIENT)

    I have this following problem .. when I open the life bar .. between that bar and the rest there is a large space .. on the right side on the left, the same thing happens to me it has a solution?
  8. M

    TFS 1.X+ Trade BUG

    I've been testing trade functionality recently and there is one bug I wanted to address. If someone could test it to confirm it would be great. Latest 1.3 TFS To reproduce the bug: Have your 1st character with only magic sword in your left hand or any other type of equipment. Make sure you DO...
  9. Kuantikum

    OTClient BUG when log in area or upstairs.

    Hello guys :p:p When I log out or climb a ladder this error happens: :eek::eek::eek::eek:o_Oo_O ERROR: invalid encrypted network message at: [C++]: [email protected]@@[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@Z ERROR: failed to decrypt message at: [C++]...
  10. M

    TFS 0.X Database condition bug. Anyone please?

    Hello guys, I am recently facing a problem that makes some of players (including my GOD character) having condition "[Blob - xx B]" in condition row in database. I have noticed that this condition causes me to randomly change the player group. My GOD character going from god to normal player...
  11. O

    C++ Bug while changing equip with critical

    Hi everyone i will be fast, im getting a bug with the equip that has this attributes (on equip and deequip) <attribute key="skillcriticalchance" value="value" /> <attribute key="skillcriticaldamage" value="value" /> <attribute key="skilllifechance" value="value" /> <attribute...
  12. M

    TFS 1.X+ addCondition bug

    Just moved to latest TFS version and it's been great so far. The only thing that pops up in my console is few error messages: Alright, so it's not a big deal. Just change the function. The thing is it does not work. Even when using examples from github. Let's say scripts/custom/combustion.lua...
  13. W

    bug event zombie monster zombie not kill player in 1 hit

    help me any one from that @Znote @M0ustafa @Nekiro @StreamSide @Cornex @Printer monster zombie not kill player any one help me from that
  14. Paulix

    TFS 0.4.3 light glitch

    Everybody knows that rev 3777 and 3884 have the light glitch, that when you deEquip an item that emits light, the light stays on character forever. I tried to find some hints on how to fix it on forums, but no success, i also tried to see why it is happening on sources, but with my current...
  15. cricks

    Why aren't some of my screenshots showing up in the forum?

    I am uploading directly to OTLAND and inserting it as a spoiler. Saved as PNG, as you guys can see... Not only me, an user related the same error in my post.
  16. C

    TFS 1.X+ Client crashes whenever I buy a house and logout

    Hey guys, I have a weird bug that whenever I buy a house and the server restarts, next time I log in my game crashes. After this, I must try to log in 2x because the first I always get a debug error. Any idea what should I be looking for to fix it There is no errors in console, the game just...
  17. C

    I pay $ whoever solves my problem! Illegal value ERROR!

    I am tired of following guides that never works. I mean, they work if you want to play alone, playing in localhost... This works like a charm, but whenever I try to make my otserver online (the real objective here) things go wrong. Going directly to my problem: I tried to change my client IP...
  18. Theofar

    [Bug Report] Item destructor

    Hello, recently I got a crash on my TFS 1.2 related to item destructor. The referenced line is: My teorie is that item is being removed from memory but without updating inventory vector from players.cpp. So, player destructor will try to use a pointer for a item on inventory vector, and...
  19. Liimpiish

    Bless Bug

    Hello, folks! I have currently faced some issues regarding my bless command, it isn't working properly as it should be doing. --- [INFORMATION] 0.4 TFS - Error: When using the bless-command "!bless", it works properly as it should do. However, we're facing an issue if you are killed you...
  20. V

    Map problem in OTC

    I've started to work on my own tibia server and I decided to go with OTClient but I've ran into some problems. WhenI start the server on regular tibia client (with IP changer) it works as it should, but when i run it with OTClient everytihing on map gets messy and scattered around, walking is...