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  1. D

    [TFS 1.3] [8.3] [SOURCE] [CONTAINER] Container Error

    Hi, I ran into a problem that I still don't know how to solve. I'm using TFS 1.3 Downgrade 8.6 Github below. https://github.com/moviebr/baiakthunder/blob/master/src/container.cpp My server crashed and when I saw the logs I came across a problem in the source in the file container.cpp line 681
  2. D


    Hi, I have a problem. I'm using tfs 1.3 downgrade to 8.6. Several items not only crystal coins are grouped or joined. How can I solve?
  3. D


    Hello, I'm using TFS 1.3 downgrade to 8.6. I have a problem, my monsters visualize the player are walking from one side to the other and after a long time attacks the player. This happens sometimes as if he had a chance to attack the player, he keeps moving away from the player then he goes and...
  4. D


    I have a problem with the tfs 1.3 executable. I'm using Windows, this usually happens at dawn, I open the server and I go to sleep I do this to check for errors in any script, whenever I wake up and I see the executable has closed :( Is there a log file where I can see these errors? What could...
  5. potinho

    TFS 0.X Loose Stone Pile - Bug with blood or another splash

    Good afternoon guys, how are you? I discovered a bug (at least I believe it is one): when I attack a monster or there is some liquid on top of the hole, I can't use a shovel on top, I have to wait for the liquid to disappear. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  6. potinho

    TFS 0.X GM Ghost - Crashing when goes to player

    Good morning people, everything fine? I have a bug, I believe it is known. My engine is OTX 2 (TFS 0.X), when I become invisible (ghost) with the GM and I /goto the player, if it is moving it bugs, could you help me to fix this bug?
  7. V

    TFS 1.3 SSA Consuming Charges on Atk

    Hey everyone, As stated in title, I'm using TFS 1.3, and for some reason that I can't figure out why, Stone Skin Amulets are using charges while attacking with a wand/rod of death element. To be clear, its not consuming charges of the player being attacked, but of the player wearing the SSA...
  8. potinho

    Cap Bug - OTCv8 7.72 Protocol

    How to fix CAP shown in OTCv8? The displayed value is divided by 100, it does not show the player's actual CAP. Using protocol 7.72. 1642818229 Tried this but not work: https://otland.net/threads/otcv8-otx-2-7-72-freecapacity-problem.274509/#post-2644306
  9. VagosClubTM

    C++ bug experience when climbing more than 3 or 4 levels

    Bug experience when going up more than 3 or 4 levels killing any creature, if you go hunting and go up more than 3 or 4 levels the experience bar stays stuck and does not advance and you must necessarily exit and enter the game again to raise your bar. what could cause this? i am using tfs 1.4...
  10. potinho

    TFS 0.X Construction Kits Bug

    Hi guys, are you ok? I have a bug in my construction kit, it's weird. When using some inside the house, nothing seems to happen, but when I click again it recognizes as if it were the item. When I get out of the construction kit's field of view and back, it's correctly transformed into the...
  11. Bebzon

    OTClient House doors - different id

    Hello! (at first sorry for my english) I am trying to fix a problem with changable doors id. So, iv made new city - ok, depo - ok, shops - ok, houses - fail In map editor i'm givind doors with id 1239 and 1237, but in game it automaticly change 1239 to 1234 and 1237 to 1231 (BUT NOT EVERY...
  12. B

    YurOts Blood removing borders and working machete problem.

    I want bring memories and also show my younger friend legendary 7.6 YurOTS map, so i download 0.9.4f version. When i was checking all things on map i find out that machete and scythe doesnt work, later on i find out blood and other pools problem. Most i want fix that pool problem bcs is so...
  13. M

    Bug PK/Yellow

    the bug works as follows: Player A, Player B and Player C Player B get white skull in player A Player C attack player with the white skull(player B) Player player B leaves the screen until the white skull disappears, and when it comes back it attacks player C without acquiring white skull
  14. N

    the monsters are beaten for their own magic

    Can someone help me? the monsters on my server that have paralyze magic are also attacked by their own spell. Example: Medusa, Hydra, Serpent Spaw... medusa.xml seems to be all right, does anyone know how to fix this? My server is alkurius <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <monster...
  15. potinho

    TFS 0.X Task bug

    Good morning people, This problem happens sometimes, with random monster. When I'm on a monster's task, sometimes I kill it and it doesn't fall. When I look at the task storage database it does not have valid numerals. Can anyone help me fix this? Follow prints of monsters and the storage...
  16. F

    Compiling Ubuntu 18.04 tfs 1.2

    good afternoon, I have this error when compiling Nostalrius, I've already used these commands
  17. Alkenyx

    RME 3.6.1 - Different walls don't combine.

    Hello everyone. I can't combine for example a stone wall and a framework wall. Map version: 8.6 RME version: 3.6.1 Mod in use: OpenTibia - [RME 3.x] RME Modification 3 [8.6 version] (https://otland.net/threads/rme-3-x-rme-modification-3-8-6-version.269151/) Edit: Tested it without the mod: Not...
  18. El Man

    C++ Outfit bug

    when i set outfit by normal tibia version give bug ! . i need remove this outfit from source 1621988121
  19. P

    TFS 1.X+ Problem with droploot

    Hey, I have problem with loot. Sometimes creatures drops 2x loot, like: Loot of a monk: 2 book of prayers I got latest TFS 1.3 so I don't know whats wrong with droploot. (rateLoot = 1) Monk loot from .xml: <loot> <item name="gold coin" countmax="1" chance="15300" /> <item...
  20. Simonalina

    C++ need script on shovel for Sand/holes... (bug)

    When using Shovel on "7932" (large hole) ON Desert SAND... 20:53 You see a large hole. It is loosely covered by some stones and earth. Item ID: 7932 local holes = {468, 481, 483, 7932, 23712} -- holes opened by shovel it just makes "Poff" "Poff" "poff" (like using shovel in desert) its...