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    Bitcoin users?

    coinbase is just being flooded with sooo many wire transfers that they cant handle the capacity, everyone will get paid what they are owed. coinbase is 100% secure
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    Bitcoin users?

    There is bitcoin ATMs around the world, or you can simply sell the crypto currency on the exchange. where it is instantly transfered to your bank or credit card. I encourage everybody to buy Etherium and Litecoin right now, as it is predicted to go through the roof in the next few weeks. You...
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    Team Dynasty Project - 10.76 Real map++

    Hello OtLand, I am reviving my old OT Project, which I felt was so close too being ready for a launch. But it seems it could use a bit of work and I'm all alone :'( If anybody wants too join me I could use some help The server is based on tfs 1.1x I need -> C++ Dev, Lua Scripter, Rme Mapper...
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    Job to make webpage custom...

    Arciv siema, long time my friend!
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    HTML5 Browser Client, Node.js Server full-custom implementation.

    here check this out - that might give u some ideas... its also made in js
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    Lua TFS 1.1 - casino scripts request!

    Hello Otland, I have a request for a LUA script, I would like a 3 row slot machine.. something like this.. but with 3 rows off possible combinations.. but 3 rows... and combinations could be diagonal or across w.e anybody...
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    CipSoft Bus :D

    Hey, You are right bro! The tibia facebook page just says its ads they paid for.. my friend made me believe they bought this bus for there city! haha -Martin
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    CipSoft Bus :D

    epic! Cipsoft must make a ton of money! this is a Mercedes Citaro CapaCity... im not sure the exact model, but this specific one is "articulated" it costs over 550,000 € which is roughly 625,000 USD. Atleast they are giving back to there community unlike the money hungry corporations in north...
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    request c++ code

    Try removing - if (findPlayer(sb.pos)) { and recompile your tfs? I really don't know, I'm speculating... -- EDIT -- I think there is another way too do this! In the findplayer part on line 189 - You can add another line to the spectator vec list if...
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    request c++ code

    i found it in the source, I think its here.. spawn.cpp line 187 - bool Spawn::findPlayer(const Position& pos) SpectatorVec list;, pos, false, true); for (Creature* spectator : list) { if...
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    request c++ code

    ya the goal is too make it like real tibia is today, where u see an animation on the sqm the monster will spawn on, and then it spawns, even if you are on the screen. This makes hunting more hardcore, and allows for a faster gameplay experience. You dont spend anytime waiting for your respawn...
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    request c++ code

    ^ Im also looking for this but for 1.1
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    Action .::1-Row Slot Machine::. TFS [0.3/0.4/1.0/1.2]

    Can this be fixed for tfs 1.1? I have it "semi" working for 1.1 but the fruits are not appearing :( blz Halp. -Martin
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    Firestorm Event | Tfs 1.2

    Looks good bro, I'll test it out! Thanks, -Martin
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    Lua Fixing code of Metin stones event!

    I believe you have too register the event "kamuelc" inside your login.lua data/creaturescripts/scripts/other/login.lua -Martin