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  1. B

    Gesior acc - cache - edit file/dir access for PHP problem.

    Hi, today I wanted to install Gesior acc, however, I am seeing such errors: I have seen similar topics, but there is no solution anywhere. Changing folder permissions to "for everyone" doesn't work either I use win10x64
  2. Error 502

    AAC [Myacc] season rank based on highscores .html.twig

    https://otland.net/threads/create-season-rank-based-on-highscores.282083/ Hello, I don't know much about the format .html.twig , I come to ask for help I try to change .php to .html.twig why not use .php? because if i do it from php , it orders it above www\system\pages\characters.php...
  3. almirtibiaalmir


    Hello everyone, i have a problem since i diverted the znote acc homepage from http to https. Highscores, deathlist, guilds and some images have not been displayed since then. See pictures. I'm new at this area and can't find a solution. Maybe someone had the same issue and can help me. Thank...
  4. GOD Coke

    ACC Config

    Can someone help me to configure this acc in linux? I don't know much about html and this acc needs to have the nginx and php-fpm well configured links like these give me an error http://localhost/account http://localhost/register http://localhost/shop http://localhost/highscores and other...
  5. V

    Some players can't create account on website

    -----I thought I didn't create first thread because i had lag so I made another one and then first one appeared so sorry for 2 same posts ---- Hello. I've got a pretty weird problem. Some players can't create account or character using website. I have no idea what can cause this problem...
  6. D

    GESIOR syntax error SET ADMIN ACC

    STEP 5 Set Admin Account Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in C:\xampp\htdocs\system\load.compat.php on line 227 LINE 227: $config['status'] = []; <?php if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit; // DEFINE VARIABLES FOR SCRIPTS AND LAYOUTS (no more notices 'undefinied variable'!)...
  7. M

    Trying to run Account Maker XML by Xampp.

    Hi. Many years ago i was hosted small rpg OT. Now i trying to run it again but i have some problems. I have 8.0 engine XML and account maker, usually i use xampp for host account page but now i can't to that correctly. When i put folders and files into a "htdoc" and run xampp i got only white...
  8. Brunds

    AAC [Modern ACC] Captcha Error

    Hello I'm having problems with the captcha of the modern acc even the captcha being correct appears the error in the modern speaking that this incorrect already tried to go back to the original version of the codes and the error persists someone already had this problem ?? ps: is duplicating...
  9. W

    AAC What is the URL of my Znote ACC page?

    after setting everything up, I can enter the webpage as localhost, but what is the URL for other peoples?
  10. R

    AAC Modern AAC - How to get Session Nickname.

    Hello, before, sorry for the poor english, i'm a brazillian user. Well, i'm trying to get Session Nickname in my custom Modern AAC template, but i still learning about web dev. So, im trying to do this: Hello, <?php echo $_SESSION['nickname'];?>Hello, <?php echo $_SESSION['nickname'];?> Because...
  11. K

    Programmer PHP Jobs without limit

    Hello, If you need an script for your website like Znote / Gesior / Myacc (does not matter) or if you want your custom site for your server don't afraid and just contact me. I'm a PHP programmer by profession so there is no impossible thing for me to do on your server. Algorithms, advanced...
  12. GhostWD

    [FMAAC] FlatMannerAAC MVC Symfony4

    FlatManner AAC Hello, I present to you my first project Automated Account Maker for OTS created with usage of Symfony4 which is MVC framework written in PHP It's using awesome feautures like templating system called Twig, Friendly-URL supported by Symfony Routing, ORM(Object-Relational...
  13. M

    AAC Subdomain for servergame

    hello, I need help. I have 2 servers - for acc maker and game server. My domain points to my acc maker and subdomain points to server game. How to connect to the game via a domain, not a subdomain? record srv? :confused:
  14. A

    AAC Gesior account maker, new table - characters.php

    Hello, i need add new table under level table, this table can be called: Rank, and if we have storage 4848, value = 1, then in this table on the right appear Rank: Master, or if we have storage 4847, value = 1, appear Rank: Newbie, can anyone add this? i dont understand how to add this :/ here...
  15. A

    Gesior Account maker error with cant show any vocations!

    Hi Otland Members, i have error on gesior acc, i dont know how to fix it :( can anyone help me? I have samples and set vocations.xml good and config.php, i dont know what is it and dont know how fix it :/
  16. Alkenyx

    Searching a good distribution.

    Hey guys. After a long break, I'm back in action and want to host a small ot server for friends of mine and maybe some randoms. I already searched the forum for a good data pack or distribution but I only found buggy ones.. Well I'm not good in coding so I would prefer a 10+ version for which I...
  17. Aldo Axel

    AAC (Znote AAC) [pedido] Looking for Characterprofile.php detailed

    Hello everyone, I hope and do not be a nuisance, to be asking for a different Characterprofile since the one I have in position is not to my liking, i would like to ask you in the most attentive way if someone is tempted to dedicate a little of time (if it is professional in this, it will cost...
  18. GhostWD

    AAC Account name Check not working

    Hi Otlanders as Title says i can't figure out why this isn't working cause i dont understand php totaly lame i'm using Gesior aac for materiaOTS when i input in Account Name account 'id' which is in data base its saays that its used by someone(that account 'name') but if i input 'name' which i...
  19. Alaia RPG

    [7.6][SQL][Nicaw] 4 problemy

    Witam. Z Acc Makerem zostały mi już chyba tylko 2 małe problemy Pierwszy- spore opóźnienie w statusie postaci. Po włączeniu serwera i zalogowaniu się na konto trzeba było odczekać 10 min (może dlużej) żeby pojawił się status Online a po wyłączeniu serwera status Online zostaje w nieskończoność...