1. P

    TFS 1.X+ Strange problem with spells animation

    Hello everybody! First of all, sorry for my bad english, im Brazilian and you will probably see some mistakes. I am setting up a TFS server and came across a problem: Whenever I (or any monster) cast some magic, I can see the damage it causes, but no animation appears. Example: Dragon releases...
  2. Dasdor

    My attack animation

    Hello survivors of Otland, i made right now a shitty attack animation. Here: a stab test, i think anotomy isn't easy when you are making character animation 😁 what do you think??
  3. BryanAlexisc

    Cant create animation item with object builder

    I am using OB 0.4.5 I am using .spr .dat 981 I compiled many new sprites next to their otb and when compiling it works normal without errors. But when I create an animation in the program and compile it, when using it in the client, it crashes, and I only put 2 animations in a 64x64 item, the...
  4. Yalasari

    OTClient Blinking char while mounted

    Hi, Im trying to fix issue with OTClient: Character is blinking while mounted. However this doesn't happen everytime, my research revealed that problem might be with different frame numbers of char and mount animation. Blinking: (different animation frames number) No Blinking: (same...
  5. B

    Free Animation Software - Windows/Mac/Linux

    Synfig Studio Synfig Studio Manual Category:Manual - Synfig Animation Studio
  6. B

    Sequence Animation Generator

    I really don't have the time to rewrite this and its built in a separate framework than that of TFS but I figured its useful to whomever would like to make simple animation sequences for their special effects with spells or attacks... I thought about rebuilding it so it used keyframes as entire...
  7. B

    A sequence generator

    Some time ago I wrote an animated spell which is similar to one I seen on Deathzot called The Circle of Healing. This spell took me some time to make because I had to find the best possible way to create an animation of effects that surrounded the player in a circle. This was my 1st attempt at...
  8. astamor

    C++ Custom spell effect doesn't disappear and doesn't follow character.

    So, I've added new spell effect to my server, animation works properly, it doesn't bug anything but.... I took exura spell and changed the effect from CONST_ME_MAGIC_BLUE to my CONST_ME_PRAD. It kinda works, the new effect is animated, the problem is: * It does not follow character, if I'm...
  9. Linxsis

    Sprite Editors/Pixel Art/Animation Programs

    I wanted to edit some sprites and really didn't know where to look so I found a few different programs All of these programs are available for Windows, Mac and Linux Piskel - FREE Piskel - Free online sprite editor Reminds me of Photoshop Krita - FREE Krita | Digital Painting. Creative...
  10. geragera

    Graphic Designer Freelancer Graphic Designer

    I'm freelancer and I work with graphic art, my portfolio has from pixel art to aninmation and interface, and I work with map (Pt-Br) Sou freelancer e trabalho com arte gráfica, meu portfólio tem dez de pixel art ate animação e interface, e trabalho com map My page: Hogwarts Game Online...
  11. Sarah Wesker

    Help me with objecteditor

    I have a doubt.... I am creating new objects with animation, but I want to know if I can speed up the frames? example: 1 frame per second is default configuration. mmm 2 frames / s ect...
  12. J

    C++ Slowly dying monsters (OTHire 0.0.3) [Solved]

    Hi. If i kill a creature its dying very slowly till the corpse is created. If im using spell that is attacking the monsters at screen, sometimes its also targeting a dying monsters and it looks weird. Also they dont die at the same time. Using OTHire 0.0.3 distro.
  13. Vingart

    Slow Animation of Tiles

    Hello, I would like to know how to reduce the delay in changing the frames of the items in otc 8.6, I added a water sprite on my server with 16 frames of animation, but it is very slow, I would like to accelerate, how do I do this?